Russia: the dangerous rocks of heaven will take the pencil




For a catalog of dangerous for the Earth celestial bodies began specialists of the Institute of Astronomy and Astronomical Observatory at Mt.

As reported by the Russian Academy of Sciences, during the last five years, astronomers have scanned the so-called near meteor showers. And, if it was previously believed that these flows are safe now, summarizing their work, the scientists have changed the view. Guiding telescope (located on Terskol in Kabardino-Balkaria) in each radiant "star Rain", the experts spotted a lot of fairly large "blocks" of gas, ice and dust. Compared with small, centimeter, fragments of comets, which burn up in the atmosphere, the fragments are present in the flow of a diameter of 30 meters and more. Only by sheer luck large "drop" star rain fly past Earth. In any case, astronomers decided to rewrite all committed their giant meteors in a single directory. Near each numbered object indicate the date of its discovery, belonging to a particular flow.

Battery News, 22.09.2004 13:03
Source: Mk

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