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A year ago, at the disposal of the crew reporter Andrei Loshak got a real "information bomb". It turns out that the notorious Dulles plan to weaken and even destroy our country exists and systematically implemented!

Not only that, hanging in almost every apartment carpets — not a tradition, but an insidious way suggestirovat consciousness of Russians. Being hidden secret development scientists to create a means to prolong life and immortality, and with the impact of genes on Russia's enemies want to turn us into zombie mutants. Not to mention the most terrible secret Ruble — a little-known oligarch, in the estate which is in the castle Bluebeard, forever lost his darling … $ CUT $

Sensational investigation combined in copyright mokumentalnom cycle Andrei Loshak "Russia. Total eclipse. "

And it really is going on, or anything you see — fantasy authors — to judge yourself.

The second program is called "Merchant of eternity", which will focus on the elixir of eternal youth

Russia. Total eclipse — Prick immortality

Russia. Total eclipse — Bluebeard Rublyovka

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