Russian communists protect Lukashenko

"Communist Party condemns the Russian authorities' policy towards Belarus, which is so clearly contrary to the national interests of the country, demands an end to the vicious attacks of Belarus and its management and restoration of vital importance to Russia good-neighborly relations with this sister republic", — said in a statement by the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov situated on July 22 party site.

"Regular" gas war "between Russia and Belarus leadership has passed the stage of the advocacy of the war — said in a statement. — Recently, a number of Russian media made a sharp and sometimes insulting remarks against the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. And it that that Belarus remains the most reliable strategic ally of Russia and Belarus is a brotherly people. "

"It is clear that the actions of the Russian authorities towards Belarus is not dictated by the interests of strategic security, as it is officially declared," — said Zyuganov.

"Belarus in these conditions remains the only reliable ally our country in the western strategic direction. It provides protection Belarus Russian border on the way in which from time immemorial to Moscow by conquerors. This is particularly important today as a result of so-called military reform Russia's armed forces virtually destroyed "- the leader of Russian Communists.

"Contrary to common sense, the Russian government is doing everything to finally destroy the friendly relations with the republic — said Zyuganov.

"It is clear that Russia's leaders in its anti-Belarusian politics are guided by the class interests of the Western partners, fiercely independent people's hate and Lukashenko of Belarus, as well as the commercial interests of the Russian oligarchy that seeks to capture the modern enterprises of Belarus, especially in the oil and gas industry", — said Zyuganov.

Last week, the leader of the Communist Party, among other deputies of the State Duma has expressed regret at the interview with the President of Georgia Belarusian television, but at the same time he thought that Saakashvili is in Belarus: "As for the reception of Saakashvili in Belarus — is a question for the Belarusian side, I can only express regret that the man whose hands up to the elbows in blood, take a brotherly Belarus, which I love and respect. "



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