Russian expert: Thanks Ming China takes the hood west Russia

Russian political analyst Yuri Solozobov Minsk accused of undermining the national security of Russia. Belarusian expert Alexander Alesin calls these statements next coasting under the current information war between Belarus and Russia, and recalls that Russia itself has sold a lot of military secrets to China.

"Belarus and China, there are legitimate agreement to host the cellular system, and a system of dual purpose. They are great finds low-flying targets such as cruise missiles, naval, air facilities. Their capacity is much higher than that of the same stations, which are now in service Russian army in Belarus, "- said the Russian political analyst Yuri Solozobov.

"Under the hood will be the whole territory of China, Eastern Europe and the entire western part of Russia, and this for several years is alarming Russian military experts. Signal comes about for a long time, but apparently, because of the special political relationship, it's not agaloshvalasya on it it was decided to close the eyes "- said Solozobov.

These statements we asked to comment on the Belarusian military expert Alexander Alesina

Expert: Russians themselves have sold a lot more secrets to China

Alesin: With this, some Russian experts are busy for several years. By itself, the cellular communications can be a key element of the intelligence necessary equipment still acceptable. Radyelyakatsyi passive sense that the CS signal is received in any particular receiver. You can find aerial targets that fly over the territory of Belarus, but the radar itself does not issue. Based on the experience of the war in Serbia, Iraq — it allows you to keep the air defense system of protsiradyelyakatsyynyh missiles.

What might be some help to China, I do not understand. Rather, it will help Russia.

Reporter: Russian political analyst Yuri Solozobov also says: "There are agreements that are impressive, between Belarusian and Chinese military in some very sensitive areas of weapons, including defense and advanced weaponry. "And further states that China may appear complex, very similar to the C-300.

Alesin: China itself produces a copy of the C-300. They bought them in Russia and have successfully copied. They and the Su-27 and MiG-29 copy. The Russians sold China much more than any secrets.

By the way, Belarus as a sovereign state has the right to enter into contracts for the sale of its intellectual production, including in the military sphere.

And these statements — the next roll forward under the current information war between Belarus and Russia. All these facts are not new. This year three Solozobov busy with this topic.

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