Russian language. What we do not guess …

The fight with the Russian language, as well as with themselves Russ, is not the first century. Our sworn enemies know well what they are doing and do not spare the green wrappers to bribe officials to help them turn us into animals …
We live in the 4th world war being waged against the person in all possible directions: the war the economic, political, information, food, alcohol, tobacco, drug, war in art (avant-garde, underground, "Black Square"), war in music (hard rock, Metallica, pop), and, finally, the war with the Russian language, which few people know.

With the coming of globalization are seen quite clearly trying to Ahasuerus (the Devil, which is defined as a "world government", led by priests who perform their purely theological, religious instruction, hostile to all people on Earth) brainwash people, especially the younger generation, turning them into people who do not understand what is good and what is bad. What happens is that Dostoyevsky called "obryutirovaniem", ie turn people into animals.

All these manipulations with human consciousness are relatively easy, as we are absolutely ignorant in matters of impact on our psyche electronic media (television, computer) and in general electromagnetic means to our brains. The developers of such technologies are hidden from people. As for the language, or rather, attempts to influence the minds of people through language, our Academy of Sciences and "The Russian Language" such thoughts never come to mind, though it may be, we are wrong … very much became clear through the work of academics pp . Garyaev, AV Akimov, GI Shipov, AD Pleshanovs etc.

But before we move on to the analysis of specific features of the language policy, I would like to highlight some of the peculiarities of the Russian language to be aware of. In our book, "Secrets of the Russian alphabet" (Wiley, 2004, 2007) we noted that the Russian language is the first language, which owned the first mankind ("And there was one language and one nation").

Evidence of this is the fact that the most ancient written records on the planet Earth, decoded SS Grinevich, F. Volanskim, PP Orinkinym etc., written in Proto-syllabary (figures from the town of Vinci in Yugoslavia and of Tartar, Romania), as well as the testimony of Professor of Sanskrit, University of Delhi Durga Prasad Shastri, that "Russian is ancient more than Sanskrit and Sanskrit is the ancient dialect" . But this is not all.

In 2008, the Internet, interesting information by Israeli scientists that deserve close attention. Scientists from the University of Haifa wrote, "The students who know Russian language, are more likely to achieve success in education than those who do not speak the language of Pushkin and Dostoevsky … Learn how to read and write in Russian in the pre-school gives students a significant advantage in acquisition of knowledge — says prof. Mila Schwartz — Studies have shown that students who understand the grammar of the Russian language, perform better in school compared to their peers, who hold only in Hebrew or other languages. While some only conversational skills such odds do not give. " Mila Schwartz explains the mystery of exceptional linguistic complexity of the Russian language.

On the relationship between language and thought well said brilliant Russian scientist AA Potebnya (1835-1891): "At present, we can say with confidence that the primacy of the peoples of Indo-European tribe with other tribes Earth is an undoubted fact, based on the superiority of the structure of the language of the tribe and the reason for this superiority can not be ascertained without a proper investigation of the properties their languages, although it must be recognized that a child who speaks one of the Indo-European languages, by virtue of this one is a philosopher in comparison with adult and intelligent person of another tribe. " Potebnya here speaks of the European languages.

Israeli scientists have gone further. At present, many of them are inclined to believe that the basis of all Indo-European languages is Russian language. Proofs of this are considered in the book O. Miroshnichenko "Slavic Gods of Olympus", Moscow, 2009.

Thus, we can state connection between language and thought. "The whole logic of thinking out of the language", — wrote an outstanding linguist, Honorary Academician of the St. Petersburg University of DN Ovsyaniko-Kulikovskii. — All logical categories were originally given as the sentence. "

The second very important aspect of the language, it should be noted that, given the connection between language and thought — this is something that can be a language to control the mind (which was discovered in the 90-ies of XX century). That language controls and directs our consciousness, thinking, and to some extent the whole body, ie performs administrative functions over them.

Evidence was presented by Academician PP Garyaev in his' Wave genome ", which describes numerous experiments. In some of these experiments were taken completely dead grain of wheat and influence them ordinary human speech, passed through a microphone and a spectrograph, ie converted into electromagnetic waves. This man had on an incredible plant, with nothing comparable effect: 90% of the dead grain of wheat comes alive! The result of hit resistance and repeatability. In another experiment, they took live plants and seeds to influence them in the same way transformed into electromagnetic waves speech containing foul language with obscenities. In this case, all experimental seeds died. Under the microscope, it was obvious that they were broken chromosome thread and burst the membrane, which has been adequately exposed to radioactive radiation intensity of about 40 thousand roentgens per hour!

Thus, it was confirmed that our speech, words, and even written texts are also electromagnetic and torsion nature.

Scientists are comparing the wave characteristics of the DNA of plants and human speech, and found that they are equal to 30% and, therefore, it appears that in the DNA of plants (and other plants) laid characteristics of human speech. Work with linguists and mathematicians MSU showed that the structure of human speech, the text of the book and the structure of the sequence of DNA, that is, chromosomes, mathematically close. This proves that the human body can be affected by the language. These facts have been discovered relatively recently, and immediately tried to use in the works, aiming at changing the consciousness of man, regardless of his will.

John Coleman, in his famous book "The Committee of 300" asserts that Tavikstoksky Institute of Human Relations, part of the University of Sussex and the California-Stanford Institute are developing special texts, words, jokes, jokes for mass management of people, and above all, young people by changing their minds against their will. In the depths of these organizations developed programs indoctrinate people, particularly the most vulnerable young people, has not yet developed advocacy skills.

Thus, according to Coleman, there is a program called "Amendments shape of the person." In whom should become a man? In the beast? In an idiot? Kolleman says that to pay attention to intentionally annoying, Offensive Language of teenagers, merchandisers, and several other groups of people. "Youth in the head and can not come, that all these non-traditional values to which they aspire, are produced by the venerable, older scientists in the brain centers at Stanford University." For example: "Change favorite coffee — the same as the change to the beloved man." And what is heavenly bliss? It turns out that only a new chocolate bar!

Young people are taught: "Take everything out of life '" (without giving anything in return, note). As a result of our "umnozhadnaya" (!) Young people to "enrich" their vocabulary such pearls, and, unfortunately, understood as: boyfriend, gay club, bodipirsing, ksivnik, label, nihilists, nishtyak, havalnik, shopping, tattoo , transsexual, outfit, etc. These words and concepts that were not there before, poured an avalanche in unprotected hearts and minds, turning them into a vault immoral rotting garbage. The high concept trivialize, diminish, "substitute." For example, in the institute's student environment exam modern Russian language called "CPn", and myself! our language ("great and mighty"), the acronym "Vim."

All this is now well known, and they are written, and all these perversions in principle it would be easy to stop, because we have a written language, with its strict rules and regulations. But … I do not want to, and sometimes even forced to promote and nasty, forcibly replacing the original principal korneslov Russian. Enthusiastically engaged in this, for example, the fifth power — TV.

And here we must seek adoption of the language law that protects our language, as is already done in many countries, such as France. Need to seek the resignation Shvydkoi, who brazenly declares that the Russian language does not happen without a mat that language — is the element and to regulate it, they say, it is impossible.

Lies! A blatant lie! We have a literary language, evolved for millennia. We have the largest lexical fund: about 1 million words of vocabulary. For comparison: the dictionary Pushkin has 22 thousand words, a dictionary of Lenin — about 30 thousand, and the Dictionary of Shakespeare-16 thousand dictionary Cervantes — 18 thousand, great literature, which no one else in the world. Adjust usage on TV and radio, theater and literature is not much difficulty. And this requires, among other things, prohibit by law Shvydkoi cripple the Russian language and the Russian soul.

With this all clear, and we would like to talk here about another threat to the Russian language, which people and even scientists do not know or suspect — the alphabet. The fact that the alphabet — is not just a list of letters that reflect existing in the language sounds. This vnutriprirodny code, electromagnetic matrix of which 30% is common for people, animals and plants. This is proved by the works of Academician PP Garyaev (1997), GI Shipov and AE Akimov. That is, our speech and written texts have electromagnetic and torsion nature. Russian alphabet (and Latin, too, because it is derived from the Russian language and 17 characters are common) are a kind of physical signs (Pythagoras, for example, said that the letters — a number) that have their geometry and their mathematical formulas . Letter — the geometry of sound.

As we know, our long-suffering Alphabet occurred already two reforms (under Peter I in 1918). We are not immune to our attempts to reform the alphabet in the future. So, for the last 8 years (since 2000), there were three attempts to cut, cut our alphabet (proposals were submitted to the State Duma). And now the Internet is filled with information about the planned reform of the Alphabet. Thus, a certain A. Makeev and his supporters claim that they created the new alphabet, simmetritsa that our alphabet is to be reduced to 27 letters, ie must be removed by 6 letters e, i, w, e, b, b, and that the reforms in education should begin with the alphabet.

We remember that in Cyrillic letters was 43, with 19 vowels. According to physics ("Encyclopedia of the young philologist"), our vowels — is energy, according to that same draw energy, especially explosive. The more vowels in the language, the greater the energy of the people. So, as a result of reforms alphabet was reduced nearly 50% of the vowels of 19 — left 10, even 9 because the letter E is not published in the hope that in 2-3 generations, it will leave the language as distressful yusy, which was very important letters (yusy, justice, adjust — cognates). They passed the nasal sounds, vibrations which was the highest and reached the upper layers of the cosmos.

Why not put points on E? That question does not meet anybody, and all proceeds. And despite the fact that Stalin was at the height of the Battle of Stalingrad in December 1942 issued a special decree on compulsory staging points over the letter E. In 1956 prof. SE Hooks at the next reform spelling canceled the order. Why is the statement of the points above the letter E? The letter E, the seventh letter of the alphabet, is a very special letter. It is used only under stress and gives a very strong sound, amplified as it twice. The letter E is the symbol of earthly humanity (all letters have symbolic value, but that's another story). As it became more recently, in 1997, after the seminal work of academician GI Shipov and AE Akimov, when opened torsion fields, any point, line, any pattern on the dress bends linear space and creates the effect of torsion (torsion fields — media). A system of Pythagoras points mark the worlds.

So, against our Alphabet unleashed a whole war.

But why? Why other countries do not have any reform alphabets? English writing "Liverpool" and read "Manchester". And nothing! The fact is that, as we mentioned above, and the letters and the sounds of our language have electromagnetic and torsion nature, associated with human genetic apparatus (work Garyaev PP) and II with the signal system of man. Therefore, circumcision is circumcision of the Alphabet structures of human DNA, is cutting capacity of the Russian people FULLY see, hear and reflect the world, to communicate with the cosmos. Alphabet reduction leads to reduced mental capacity of the Russian people. This, apparently, and seek, trying to at least equate us with the Europeans. But three quarters of all the scientific discoveries made in the world come from Eastern Europe.

Russian man could take 43 letters (and audio too). This is two times more than Europeans, who at 24-27 Alphabet letters. This is a symphony orchestra, compared with a quartet or octet! But Western intelligence agencies must reduce Russian intelligence and to do it secretly. Who would have thought!

For complete information on the matter can be found in the books of O. Miroshnichenko, "Secrets of the Russian alphabet" and "Slavic gods of Olympus."

Miroshnichenko, Olga Fedorovna, Ph.D., associate professor of Moscow State Pedagogical University, member of the Russian Union of Journalists.

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