Russian media: continued attacks on Lukashenko

Belarusian theme remains one of the most sought after in the Russian media. Many of the largest TV stations and newspapers in the last few days were marked by new materials on the country and its leadership.

In the on state channel "Russia" The head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin his vision of the reasons the media war between Moscow and Minsk. Putin said that Russia, as before, from Russia wants to get cheap resources, but it ignores its commitments:

I repeat: if a bargain, signed a piece of paper — it is necessary to perform …

"When it comes to money, on volumes of supplies of energy resources, everyone wants to get something for free from Russia. And if not, then irritation occurs. At the same time, I can tell you that we have to take into account the legitimate interests of our partners. I I think what we're doing. After all, we have agreed with our colleagues in Belarus, signed a contract in 2007. And we are not asking for anything extra beyond the scope of this contract. We ask only one thing: we have signed an agreement to execute, nothing else. But when we say, let us this year will pay less, and the next year would have paid twice as much, then we agree. And next year, we are told, no, let's leave, as it was the year before. Well, you know … Again again: if you make a deal, signed a piece of paper — it is necessary to carry out. Just what we want. "

Many Russian newspaper published an interview with a potential presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk, together with Anatoly Lebedko and Alexander Dobrovolsky had a number of meetings with the Russian political elite. In "Father of the corral," posted in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", Romanchuk is a replica of serious charges in the films NTV "Godfather": "The inadequacy of the Belarusian side is obvious. At such serious charges should respond essentially to refute them if they are false. But Minsk meets the spirit of" the fool ", which further convinces people of the truth of this. Belarus has no way to compete with Russia on the information field. This battle is lost for Lukashenko in advance. "

At the same time columnist of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Minkin believes that the current showdown between neighbors leads to a dead end:

Alexander Minkin

"I think that nothing much of this confrontation will not, it's only ambition heads — and ours, and yours. Given that the government we have, and you are not very smart, they are, unfortunately, spoil relations with neighbors. K Unfortunately, because with the neighbors need to have a good relationship. This is advantageous. A bad attitude is not beneficial to anyone.'s it. If the authorities were smart, they would create around friendship ring, especially for the nearest neighbors. would do themselves good, reliable partners and friends. "

On the visit of the Belarusian opposition and write Russian "News": "Given the sharp deterioration in relations with Minsk is possible that Moscow is monitoring the successor to Lukashenko, and this meeting — the opportunity to personally pakantaktavats with the candidates for the presidency. " The President of the Open Joint Stock Company "The News" Vladimir Mamontov convinced that the materials of the Belarusian subjects are needed in order to cancel the old stereotypes about "ever offended the Kremlin Belarusian leadership":

friendship — friendship, and "snuff apart" …

"A lot of that had accumulated over time rather complex relationship that ultimately need to somehow treat. Russia has been trying to treat them as follows: equal opportunities, equal treatment to the partner. So friendly, so friendly. But friendship — friendship, and "snuff apart." Folk sayings about to come to a head. Belarus reacts, by the way, is adequate. in the sense that it also raises questions as well. rise questions about the debt, about the priority areas of mutual settlements, etc. When However, some issues that are advantageous to it, pedaliruetsya and which are not profitable — it is their obscure. And what is good, I repeat — go ahead, climbs on board. "

Large plot devoted Belarus Russian Independent channel RTVi. Along with the story of Belarusian reality viewers were asked to vote on the question of the day: "Do you think Alexander Lukashenko a dictator?" The vast majority of TV viewers gave a positive response.

"Anti-Russian pair of Belarusian air time." Analytical material under that name prints "Nezavisimaya Gazeta": "Lukashenko has long been leading the information war against Russia — in contrast to the northern neighbor that started it just last month … The Russian channels that are broadcast in Minsk, local advocates for a long time span, cutting off any unwanted information. Regular visits of Russian journalists with stories of the "Belarusian miracle," which is always based on a comparison with Russian reality (and not in favor of the latter) — Lukashenko also information warfare directed against an ally. "Belarusian subjects — in the pages of major newspapers "Kommersant" and "Work". Interview with criticism of the Belarusian authorities gave the website of the "Charter 97" well-known Russian writer Nikolai Svanidze.


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