Russian slavery

Russian slavery

The working conditions of the bridge builders across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait study law enforcement. Photo from

Builders objects of the APEC summit earnings and unhappy life.

December 1 was scheduled protest of workers who are building the bridge on the Russian island to the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 2012. However, builders persuaded their claims in writing, the company's management, subcontractor. State Labour Inspectorate in the Primorye Territory in conjunction with prosecutors launched a probe of information on wages.

JSC "USK MOST" in 2008 by decree of the President of Russia was determined the sole contractor for the construction of a bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait from the mainland to the island of Vladivostok, Russian, which will host the APEC forum. The future bridge will be one of the largest cable-stayed bridges in the world. Unique facility to be built in record time — for 43 months and handed over in the second quarter of 2012. Work at the facility are conducted in two shifts, seven days a week.

Yesterday was to be held a strike of workers who are dissatisfied with the fact that the company, a subcontractor — OJSC "IC" bridge "- fails to meet the negotiated labor contracts: does not pay the promised wages, vacation, etc." Claims incurred by the subcontractor workers, the construction work underway non-stop, no strikes and no strikes. The initiative group of 30-50 people is to generate a list of requirements that will be considered at their participation ", — explained the spokesman of the branch" USK MOST "in Vladivostok Daniel Goncharuk.

And although, according to the head of labor inspection in the Primorye Territory Sergey Kozhushko, official statements from the employees did not receive that test started revision. At the scene of the incident left the representatives of the customer-builder object — FGU "Directorate for Construction of Roads of Vladivostok as a center for international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, the Federal Road Agency" (FGU DSD "Beijing"), the contractor and the subcontractor.

Wages expressed dissatisfaction about 500 people, but now the claims do not give up just 50 of them. The basic requirements of builders — to revise labor contracts, guarantee wages, independent of the performance standards, and improve living conditions. The workers promised in three days to resolve the conflict. The press service of FSI DSD "Vladivostok" does not comment on the situation.

November 13, three former superintendent, who came to the island with a group of construction workers from the seaside guerrilla, have applied to the prosecutor Vladivostok. Asking people to understand and to bring to justice the other offender — SC "Monolith". "When we were preparing for a trip to the Russian (40), we listened to the rosy stories about the huge amount of work and lots of money. The federal program, is controlled by the government, it was promised that the money does not "throw" — written superintendents. — Yes, and the contractor serious — Moscow company SC "Monolith". Contracts are serious and profitable: accommodation in comfortable dormitory, meals, tools, equipment and clothing — are issued. "

With the challenges facing people at once: a hostel — the building of sandwich panels in the 18-meter room 10 people live. And the place for beginners looking for a few hours. "There is no water, the stench impossible, cockroaches everywhere, hanging wash and then dirty clothes, but in the corridors of a surveillance camera. Even some of the builders who have gone places not so remote, were shocked — said in a statement. — Go to the toilet all but the waste products do not wash … Dining Room — a structure under a temporary fix point for food. " Impact on the work required on the first day, the only tool to no avail. Workers dressed in army camouflage and boots from a canvas upper 43rd size. Safety on the construction site at zero: no interfloor protections on stairs, all dark, no tape fencing, warning signs, etc.

"Construction in Russian — the pride of Russia and the President. In 2012, there will meet the presidents of many countries. But all this does not apply to those who prepare the meeting. They do not think about the people to them, people — this is the material, faceless crowd "- say the applicants. The builders of the Russian Primorye arrived at because there is work, and in the former mining Partizanske earn 30 thousand rubles. impossible. But, according to the authors of the letter, without the consent of the employer and discuss change fees for the work performed. As a result, two months 12 people were able to get 40 thousand rubles. — A little more than 3 thousand per person.

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