Salaries for the gifts of nature

Do farmers and truckers have an additional income — collecting strawberries and blueberries. A day of work in the woods may earn about 130-140 thousand rubles. Buy berries inhabitants of Brest not only government procurement offices, but also to private traders. Meanwhile, the forester said violations while collecting berries.

In the area of the village Gantsevichi Hotynichi literally every now goes into the forest and collect berries for sale. Price This year, is high enough, says a resident of the village:

"For seven and a half thousand rubles are now taking strawberries. And at first, when the workpiece, the purchase price was three thousand per kilogram. Lots of forest visited by young people, students and just people."

The woman says, what a day of work in the woods may earn about 130-140 thousand rubles, collecting ten pounds or more. Just berries and sell preparers:

"There are private firms willing to buy and store the state collected strawberries."

But in the Brest district consumer society berries this year, almost did not have prepared. The inhabitants of Brest and the surrounding area have been slow to government preparers. Berries are easy to sell and in a market where prices are much higher — at eight thousand per liter of berries, outraged representative of the state-owned enterprise:

traders is they above the law, they are also constantly raise prices …

"The prices for the purchase of berries in the state procurement office agreed with the first OBLPOTREBSOYUZA. Also follows up with competitors. We try to be as much as five hundred rubles. And that merchants them above the law, they are also constantly raise prices."

Collecting berries, some use technical devices. According to legislative rules, it is unacceptable. Engineers on forest protection and are conducting raids protocols on those who break the rules. Later, these cases are referred to the judicial institution. The collected "combine" mixed berries with leaves. Collectors see it well and could help forestry, but this is not done, says Linovskiy forestry engineer that Pruzhansky area:

"I think it should be strengthened personal responsibility producers, who see that the berries are not collected by the rules. Should be that the such cases ringing in the inspection, the protection of the forest … ".


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