Schepnoy bird — Ward

In the far north in Arkhangelsk province lived — was a hunter. Winter in the north of the long, cold: a blizzard, the blizzard, the severe cold. And in this year's winter was delayed for a long time; vystudila human habitation, and the hunter became ill younger son. Sick a long time, emaciated, pale, and neither the doctor did not help, nor sorcerer. Mount Hunter. Sorry for his little son. Hunter asked his son, "What do you want?"
Softly whispered the boy, "I want to see the sun …". And where can you take in the north? Thought hunter heated the hearth to become warmer. But the fire is not sunshine.
Hunter pointed sticks, which glowed in the firelight. Lit up with a smile on his face, and he knew how to help her son.
Worked through the night hunter. Cut from logs bird nastrogal of kindling wood chips, decorated their openwork carving. Bird hung over the bed son, and the bird suddenly alive: spun, moved in a stream of hot air that came out of the oven.
The boy woke up, smiled and said, "Well, that's the sun!"
From that day, the child was recovering well. So attributed wooden bird miraculous power and began to call her "holy spirit", the guardian of children, a symbol of family happiness.

Once her as family totem-amulet hung in the front, the red corner, a wooden loft, where there was a dining table. In the evening it put samovar.Teply hot air from a samovar, rising to the ceiling, barely touched lung bird feathers, but that was enough to enable it to slowly and gently rotate, spinning over the table, looking into all the corners of the house, as if checking everything was all right, everything is in the collection and is intact than the family way.
Schepnoy bird - WardWooden firebird landlord often did himself, good tools for this required the most simple — knife and an ax. Father passed to his sons, and those growing up, taught to their children strange birds — so for many decades remained the northerners this amazing craft. Secrets of schepnoy birds are lost in our time. Today, not only the villagers, but the townspeople gladly decorate their apartments schepnoy funny sculptures.

From one of the bar cut trunk and head, from another — the wings. Its manufacture is pine ship, and only butt of it (three meters from the ground, with no branches.) Most important operation — splitting bars into thin slivers. The thinner the blade, the fishnet is a bird. The bars are connected to each other. Then "dissolve" feathers. Schepnoy bird traditionally either painted or varnished, because it is a "live" tree beneficial to humans. Over time, it becomes a beautiful bronze color.

Bird was the keeper of old happiness and well-being of the Russian people. This amulet made sure of wood (pine, fir, Siberian pine) as the tree — the most energy-intensive plants on earth. Wood energy helps to bring in your home with positive energy talisman.

Image of a bird — a way of intermediary between our earthly world and the sky, where there is peace and true happiness to which we all aspire. This amulet before hung in every home, it is usually placed under the ceiling in the hallway to each incoming passed under it. Amulet takes all negative, with which people can go in and pass the house but good. Then the house was not a predisposition to the scandals and all kinder to each other are.

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