Scientists have observed the summer about 60 humpback whales near the Commander Islands

 Scientists have observed this summer about 60 species of humpback whales during seasonal migration of animals near the Commander Islands, which is almost three times higher than the observations in the previous ten years.

"Usually during spring migration (to the Aleutian Islands — Ed.) There are about 15-20 individuals, and this year, at the end of June, the islands we saw up to 60 individuals. This was the first time in ten years. Likely migration path This year was close to Commander "- said RIA Novosti party year-round in the Commander Islands expedition Sciences to study animals of the Red Book of Russia Yevgeny Mamaev.

As explained by the coordinator of the "gray whale" of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution of Severtsov name (IEEP) Gregory Tsidulko, increasing the number of humpback whales could be due to any climate change: temperature, flow direction.

"Humpbacks often change their route, trying to get food: krill and small fish. Apparently, this year off the coast of the Commander was more food than usual, but the reasons can be called only after analyzing the observations," — said Tsidulko.

Humpback whale or humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae), — a large animal with thick shortened body, back and sides are blackish, and the color varies from the belly of a black to white or variegated. The maximum length is about 15 meters. Individual length of 14 meters can weigh over 40 tonnes.

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