Scientists thought the earth benefits from the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Scientists have calculated that the damage to the ecology of the planet can be 65% less if you manage to keep greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting global warming within stipulated by the UN Climate Conference, according to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

UN conference on climate change held in December 2012 in Doha (Qatar). It was decided that the human race needs to take urgent measures to keep average temperatures on the planet within two degrees Celsius over the period to 2100. Thus one of the main mechanisms must be tightly controlled, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Scientists from the University of Reading (UK) calculated that, if you can follow this pattern, environmental damage to the planet can be reduced by 20-65%.

"Our research shows that reducing global warming to two degrees can afford to reduce the environmental and economic costs to 65% due to, for example, less energy for cooling systems, as well as due to less flooding in the coastal areas of the ocean, which would bring enormous damage, "- said the leader of the study, Professor Nigel Arnell University of Reading (Nigel Arnell).

However, as noted scholar in the water industry, "environmental economy" would amount to no more than 20%, since even slight warming leads to changes in the regional "rhythms" of rainfall and hydrological regime of water bodies — rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

To calculate these parameters, scientists took scheme in which greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale will be reduced annually by 5% since 2016. Then, based on this condition, they are using mathematical models calculated the "benign" climate scenarios and compared them to current expectations, comparing the alleged economic and environmental damage.

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