Searched by order of Dzerzhinsky in the Kola Peninsula




In the 20-ies of the last century to the Kola Peninsula an expedition led by Academician Barchenko. Its purpose — to find out the cause of a strange disease indigenous people, the so-called "meryacheniya" or polar psychosis. For no apparent reason people suddenly abandoned their homes and left hundreds of miles away. People have lapsed into a kind of trance, and most of these were like zombies. They were swinging or repeated any repetitive motion, uttered phrases in an incomprehensible language, did not feel the pain.

Although Barchenko and was the mandate of the Institute for Brain and human mental activity, the expedition was financed from other sources. It was held under the patronage of the Dzerzhinsky. The fact that the scientific work Barchenko, and he was seriously engaged in palmistry, telepathy and parapsychology Considered "Iron Felix". Alexander Vasilyevich was invited to work in the special department of the OGPU. Allocated to research scientist at the time a decent amount, he had access to all the archives and any information.

In the study area the expedition, which was composed of 13 people, came across an unusual hole leading into the ground. But to get inside one of the travelers and failed. Meshal inexplicable fear that covered people. In the words of an eyewitness: "There was a feeling that you flayed alive." It is in these places, people and began attacks "meryacheniya." Nevertheless, members of the expedition decided to take a picture with the mystical manhole. And when the film is shown, it indicates that there is a strange shade of some man in the hat. It turned out that he was standing behind the photographer. However, no strangers at the time was not.

But the most interesting discoveries were waiting for an expedition to the area Seidozero (translated from Sami — Holy Lake). At a desolate tundra, she found some geometrically regular-hewn slabs, white column of the glade. Here is what wrote in his diary of astrophysicists Alexander Kondiain: "In one of the canyons we saw a yellowish-white tower like a giant candle, and next to her cubic stone."

On the opposite shore of the lake on the vertical surface of the rock was clearly visible hundred-meter figure of a man with raised hands crosswise. Local residents told a legend. In the old days on the Sami attacked giant Kuyva. They could not defeat him, but fought bravely. And then asked for help from their gods. Those affected by riots giant, shot him a bundle of lightning and incinerated. On the cliff just left the imprint of his body, which was called "the old man Kuyva."

The news about the unique finds in Soviet Russia caused a sensation. Academician Alexander Barchenko was convinced that he had found traces of an ancient, of an unknown civilization, called Hyperborea. The ancient Greeks called the inhabitants of the far north Hyperboreans, that is "living beyond Boreas" — the north wind, and their very country Hyperborea, which is believed by historians, lost 15-20 thousand years ago.

However, the results of the expedition to the GPU immediately classified. In 1937 A.Barchenko was arrested. He seized the books, records, diaries … Alexander Vasilyevich was accused of espionage and terrorist activity, and April 25, 1938 shot. Folders with documents remained in the Lubyanka, and on their further fate is unknown.

And in 1997, in search of the mysterious Hyperborea to the Kola Peninsula arrived expedition led by Dr. Philosophy Valery Demin. Members of his team also went to the sacred Seydozero, surrounded on three sides by mountains. And they were waiting for their discovery.

At an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level, was discovered a powerful set: Cyclopean buildings, religious and defensive masonry, geometrically regular plates with mysterious signs and traces of man-made treatment. And besides, the remains of the observatory, laid in the rocks and looking to the sky 15-meter trench with the Vizier, which resembles a sextant famous Ulugbek observatory in Samarkand.

In the vicinity of Seidozero the expedition found many geoglyphs (giant "earth" image). In addition to the 100-meter-old man Kuyva crosswise with raised hands on the side of another mountain can be seen even more impressive by its size image — approximately 400-meter half-erased trident. It is almost twice the amount of the famous white geoglyph in the form of a "chandelier", located in Peru.

How to find the members of the expedition, all confirm that the Kola Peninsula, there was an ancient civilization, traces of which are the first to discover the academician Alexander Barchenko, however, never revealing the reasons for the "meryacheniya." As he said in one of his research papers Valery Demin, "Hyperborea regained."

— Is it on the Kola Peninsula, in the heart of the Lovozero Tundra was Hyperborea, scientists have yet to understand, — told the "Labor" expedition member Igor George. — But one thing is clear: there is some mystery.


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