Searchers. Mystical paintings of genius watch online

Searchers.  Mystical paintings of genius watch online
During the life of Elijah Repin walking rumors that his paintings possess magical powers, which is why some of his models (Garshin, cakes, Moussorgsky, Stolypin and others) realized early death. Wrote about it in his own memoirs Roots Chukovskij, long years who was friendly with Repin. What is it — a tragic accident? But critics and, more importantly, the scientists say that a similar dialogue with the artist, as paradoxically, is not always without any trace of the portrayed! But there is also evidence Chukovskogo that Repin at the time of writing, the portrait "endlessly adored his hero." Evidence of accidental death of the artist models will be very little known portrait Kerensky, who throughout history been subjected to the logic of death threats, but he lived 90 years …

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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