Season of storms: how not to become a victim of the heavenly electricity

Season of storms: how not to become a victim of the heavenly electricity


According, Rain — not uncommon for the summer in our latitudes. Climate change — in the middle lane in the summer weather, at times, is in the subtropics. And storm warning — not an event for us. How to behave when the gale breaks around the trees, and in the sky and then flashes of lightning? What to do to not get hurt in the storm?

It would seem — walked into the room, and you're safe. Apartment buildings, high-rise buildings in the city, with running water and central heating, well protected against lightning strikes. The fact that the communication function as a lightning rod. However, the danger can lie in wait for you at home: when lightning strikes the ground or any object within a radius of 1.5 kilometers from the building electrical discharges can fly to it in various communications that can conduct current.

So disabling electrical appliances during a thunderstorm — no needless: So you can protect equipment from damage, and their own health. Especially since the lightning strike can cause the closure, and then — fire.

Exactly what you should not do in a storm — so it is hidden under the trees. Lightning most often strikes tall objects. An example of this — a recent event in the second largest airport in the UK, Gatwick. There's lightning hit the control tower, because of what had to delay sending flights. So if you are caught in a thunderstorm in the woods, hide better in the stunted his site, and free-standing tall pines and poplars should be avoided.

However, escape from the lightning in the open, too risky. In the field or in the wasteland highest subject is just you. Here are the tips can be found on the official website of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia: in the desert, field, or in the absence of shelter (buildings) do not go to the ground, putting the electric current his whole body, and sit on his haunches in the gully, ravine or other natural depression, clasping hands feet . It is better to take off metal jewelry and put metal objects from pockets. Bait is also better to quit, and do not disclose on an umbrella.

Being in the water during a storm is very dangerous to hit the water lightning strikes all around in a radius of about 100 meters. From the river or lake is better to leave a good distance, and with an exalted place is down to the lowland. In May of this year in Bangladesh lightning strikes killed 40 people — and, significantly, the victims of disaster are mainly workers in the harvest field, and fishermen.

The car — a relatively safe place, if you stop and switch off the engine and close the windows and lower the antenna of the radio. But a bicycle or motorcycle can be dangerous. If you are caught in the storm motion, then it is better to stop and move away from the two-wheeled vehicle is 20-30 meters.

Talking on the fixed telephone during a thunderstorm is not necessary — sometimes lightning enters the telephone wires. From mobile communications also should refrain, mobile phone is better off.

Do not stand next to a metal fence, power lines, steel pipes and rails, as well as close proximity to other conductors of electricity. If you found a thunderstorm in the company, do not bunch up, stay a few meters away from each other. Storm it often affects groups of people. On the eve of the tragedy was reported in Uganda — where lightning killed 18 children, and 36 suffered burns. In another African country, Nigeria, which is now just beginning the rainy season, from lightning strikes have killed 15 people.

This year, an unprecedented display of lightning activity. Earlier this month, one only Denmark has fallen almost 18,000 lightning strikes — and it's for one night. Around the same time a strong storm could watch and Canadian residents — hundreds of lightning lit up the sky over Toronto, a few places were in the house. As a result, at least two buildings were burned and thousands of people were left without electricity.

Incidentally, according to a study conducted by American scientists, lightning — at least in the U.S. — affects men more often than women. It turns out that the forces of nature are not so impartial: according to the Meteorological Service of, from 1995 to 2008 in the United States as a result of a direct lightning strike killed 648 people. 82 percent of them — the stronger sex.

This tendency was much earlier, according to ITAR-TASS. From 1959 to 1999 the percentage of men in the total number of victims of lightning was 84 percent. Meteorologists explain this phenomenon is particularly masculinity — men are more likely to engage in reckless and often risk their lives than women.

Typically, lightning cause severe burns, and possible death. But there are also lucky that after such a shock survived. One of them was a young man from China — its lightning struck for two times (video), but he was able to get up and go on about their business.

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