Secrets of the Afghan war published

In the Western media, a series of materials based on secret U.S. documents about the war in Afghanistan. With these publications came the British Guardian, American New York Times and the German Der Spigel.

That the documents?

New York Times, Guardian i Der Spiegel got these secret documents — about 92 thousand messages and U.S. intelligence reports about the conflict in Afghanistan — from an organization called WikiLeaks a few weeks ago. WikiLeaks gave the documents under the condition that the edition will publish their materials only after the 25th of July, that is, after the publication of the documents on its website.

Classified documents related to the period from January 2004 to December 2009.

According to New York Times, the documents shed light on some aspects of Afghan war, which were hidden from the general public.

Meanwhile, According to the newspaper, the documents that the Taliban have used portable missile system with a heat samanavodki what the military did not inform the public.

According to New York Times, the U.S. in Afghanistan are used in each more secret units that hunt Taliban commanders. In the list "to capture and / or kill", prepared for these units, there are about 70 names.

The documents also indicate a large number of civilian victims of war.

Americans use in the war against the Taliban unmanned aircraft, but the effectiveness of this weapon is much lower than officially reported. Many bespiletniki deteriorate in the air and did not reach their target, forcing the U.S. military to begin risky search for such aircraft and equipment on them, so it would not in the hands of the Taliban.

The documents also indicate a large number of civilian victims of war are not only killed in the bombing of civilian targets, but also in many incidents arising out of the chaos, confusion and excessive caution soldiers.

Particular emphasis is The New York Times is doing to reports that claim that the Pakistani intelligence services help the Taliban, while Pakistan is officially a U.S. ally.

The reaction of the White House

In an official statement about the publication of the documents the White House stressed that ugly picture of the war in Afghanistan took place prior to the start of the new Afghan strategy of President Barack Obama.

Benjamin Rhodes, Advisor to the President for National Defense, told The New York Times, that Barack Obama's decision in December 2009 to send more troops to Afghanistan 30,000 troops was just trying to correct the president a "serious situation" in this country.

Newspaper decided not to publish the names of people who act in secret accounts.

According to Rhodes, the White House "strongly condemns the publication of classified information that endangers the lives of U.S. and allied military and our national security."

The New York Times points out that all three newspapers that received the documents from WikiLeaks, decided not to publish information that would harm national security of the United States. In particular, the newspaper decided not to publish the names of people who act in secret accounts.

The newspaper reports that U.S. officials "do not question the authenticity of information" that has fallen into the hands of journalists.

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