Secrets of the infernal triangle UFO crash near Arkhangelsk

We are not alone in the universe. Space — live. Rush to the orbits of planets, exploding supernovas, vacuum permeate flow of radiation and meteorites. Already discovered planets around nearby stars. And to say that in this cosmic ocean of our Earth — the only gem on which intelligent life has arisen, at least, illogical. Aliens not only exist, they are actively exploring our home planet. That's just one of many confirmations.

Aircraft of unknown origin crashed in a birch forest. The crash site of a mysterious disk was immediately cordoned fighters gunmen military unit

CRASH near Arkhangelsk

It happened shortly after the Second World War, in the spring of 1947, in the Arkhangelsk region. The former allies — the U.S., Britain and France — have ceased to be so, started the "cold" war. In such a situation the USSR paid particular attention to the protection of vast air space and of course, was quickly fixed the strange aircraft, how then let air defense system. The object was flying at a low altitude (several hundred meters), with great speed, but at a slower pace, and somehow straight, as if stumbling. It was noticeable that the UFO moves "on parole and on one wing." Who or what was the cause of the accident, and remains unclear.

Aircraft of unknown origin crashed in a birch forest. The crash site of a mysterious disk was immediately cordoned fighters gunmen military unit, the nearest to the scene. However, local residents have not appeared nearby — perhaps none of them noticed the UFO disaster. Maybe he saw a large number of military and decided that teaching or are experiencing a new technique. And they have decided that it is not necessary to interfere.

One of the participants in those events, a witness who identified himself as Lieutenant Izletovym, told many years later, that it was he saw.

Large clearing flooded Spring waters. Slender birches, surrounding a mysterious celestial alien, securely hidden from the prying eyes of a bizarre machine. On closer inspection the object turned out to look like a giant seashell, which passes into the disc. Organized, as adopted by the military, drove trucks with hoist to pull the half-gone in the ground object. According Izletova, the UFO was made of whitish pupyrchatogo (porous) metal color resembling aluminum. Chain oval windows arranged symmetrically. Below the center of a huge gaping hole apparatus, whether formed from hitting the ground, whether and served as the original cause of the accident. Someone Mikheev (rank unknown) was a friend of the witness (in any case, so named it the decline of) through a slit in the skin of the ship first went inside and came back with a bucket filled to the brim full of strange matter — something like a sponge, the light of blue light ( perhaps it was the fuel UFO?). Those who dared to touch the substance, feel much warmer. However dosimeters showed that radiation levels around the unknown substance was normal.

Trips in the UFO

Lieutenant falloff also went inside the unit. Here are his impressions of what he saw.

Inside the UFO was dim. On the walls has the facilities to resemble instrument panels, but did not have (or at least visible externally) any wires. From some of the instruments were colored glow-spark. It remains unclear — whether worked so unknown units in normal (default) mode, or running through the flashes mean alarms, caused by falling ship. The walls were soft, supple feel and almost no right angles. Lieutenant thought and hull, and all the electronics are integral, not mounted separately. Like a ship was kvazizhivym being sort of bio-robot. And felt a distinct smell of ozone, and the air was full of couples in some of the chemical. Apparently innocuous, as none of the witnesses did not use masks and did not get any damage to health. Seems to be on board were supposed to be living creatures — falloff noticed some spongy, yellow spacesuits. But the remains of the alien was found. Perhaps an alien spaceship crew ejected? If so, the aliens had landed somewhere nearby? It is not known whether the pilots were found. The object was removed — first, apparently, to the territory of the military unit. The only valid conclusion drawn by the Soviet military, was that this "shell-disk" created not by the people and for the people. That is an alien, extraterrestrial origin.

MANKIND under the hood?

District of the Arkhangelsk region, bounded by three points — the center of the nuclear ship — the city of Severodvinsk nuclear test — on the island of Novaya Zemlya and the Plesetsk space center, long known among ufologists and conventionally called Severodvinsk or infernal triangle. It is often seen in the form of clusters of UFO light balls (plasmoids), sickles, black squares, large dark rings and triangles composed of luminous points. The sky from time to time there are strange emerald glow in the form of patterns. Head of the local UFO center Gennady Korneev March 15, 1990 at 4:00 am personally observed Avenue Labour Severodvinsk bright orange ball with a diameter of about 10 meters, which flew between the houses at the height of 20-25 meters. In the evening, March 17, 1993, he and a large group of workers seen in binoculars bright lenticular flying object with red flashing lights on the top.

Given the large number of UFO sightings in the area, it appears that the pilots flying saucers are very interested in technology humans. Of course, not in order to learn something new (it is clear that humanity is far behind in terms of development — at least with regard to outer space flights). After all, while anywhere, on any planet in the solar system, we have not found the brothers on reason. So, UFOs come from other star systems. And they are looking at us, perhaps because we are not to destroy your beautiful planet — Earth. Let us hope that we will have enough of its own forces and intelligence to prevent such a development. And that in fact aliens with and can not make it.

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