The appearance of the Company's new music video for a long time my favorite band Lapis Troubetzkoy "Buy Belarus!" Made me

become a girl whipping carefully adhere to the policy debate surrounding the marketing of the Free Theatre, which recently unfolded in the Belarusian blogosphere — especially here and here. Actually I was interested in the question of how the creation of "a negative image of the motherland," the use of brands, "dictatorship", "Lukashenka" and similar for marketing purposes, is perceived Belarusian public.

This clip is far from "Petrel" and "Capital", although with "Belarus Freedom" creators are not particularly zamarochvalisya. Modesty artistic media and vices focus on a specific target group more than offset ideynastsyu material and thanks to the audience. Certainly not these songs became the basis of the commercial success of "Lyapises" but for a long time and is familiar, sincere and professional group could well afford to "fulfill a civic duty."

"Buy the Belarusian" — the image of the Belarusian reality in which we do not just live, but the responsibility for that share.

Meanwhile "Buy the Belarusian" — concentrated and aggressive image of the Belarusian reality in which we do not just live, but the responsibility for that share. Between people who cheerfully carry bags of Belarusian products, may turn out to be your grandmother, and the guy who pulls his pants to show his attitude to the camera, surely someone's younger brother who just made an effort to combat the "green snake" .

That masochistic delight with which the "Buy Belarusian" is perceived by most "conscious" of the public, who diligently promotes and distributes link to a clip where possible, makes you wonder why we do not just shy of it, and vice versa — flaunt it.

"Buy the Belarusian" — a kind of means of struggle, but it is intended for internal use only. It's sort of a "stone of the proletariat", available to all. Voice "of the Belarusian super-patriot" are equally talented singing and university professor and student. The popularity of "Lyapises" far from increasing, but most of the audience fall to dividends. Listeners sensitive to the idea of using the popularity of the group for his moral and aesthetic satisfaction and unity. According to the knowledge of these "songs of freedom" know "its" — a well rested with friends, zgurtuessya at rallies, support zmagarski spirit. Besides "Lapis" from our reality did not distance themselves. So the public can show and encourages the nut ulcers of their society, do not hesitate to close neighbors, whose "Lapis" is also popular.

Product created by single successful overseas projects is too complex to belong to everyone, especially — all together.

Otherwise, the Free Theatre and the other creators who have reached some degree of foreign success. They are not simply the use of a negative image of Belarus in order samapapulyaryzatsyi, even if these individuals, such as Mort Valzhina or Algirdas Baharevich working in the interests of the Belarusian culture and the local artistic field. However, a product created by single successful overseas projects is too complex to belong to all, a fortiori — all together. Roughly speaking, they are not divided. We were on their success neither hot nor cold …

"The public" criticism of the marketing policy of the Free Theatre partly comes down to a simple idea: "ST dismantled all multiple Schengen visa, and I did not have." Hardly anyone imagines especially the world theater industry — much easier to say that they are corny "trade homeland." In the absence of the need for a culture to survive on their own, we still believe that art should look like the White Queen in the new film by Tim Burton.

In addition, the success of the people with whom you have recently had a beer, rent the soul better than "Black Square" by Malevich. Which can be a long time to watch and listen as he cries out to you so that everyone can hear, "Well, I can!"

Along with "Lapis" We are already well learned "to buy Belarusian" but still not imagine how it is — "sell the Belarusian".

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