Sentences for area should be reviewed

Belarusian human rights monitor all processes for the area. There are observers on vessels that capture everything that happens there. They prepare the assessment process and its recommendations.

Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak reported that human rights defenders are already preparing an overall assessment process for Square and its recommendations on the basis of the Belarusian legislation and international standards. And the interim findings from Mr. Hulak following:

"We can already say that the processes are serious violations of legal requirements, the findings of vessels do not correspond to that in the course of these processes established investigated. In cases where lawyers work seriously and actively, it is clear that the judge is not interested in collecting all the information, analysis and arguments "for" and "against."


Oleg Gulak said the negative reaction of the international community on the processes for the fair area:

"Of course, is a common requirement to revise these sentences and the review of cases in a fair court. For the condemned, who have handed down, we've been able to speak."

Chairman of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski says there is still uncertainty in how the group formed of those who were sent to the bench with a china why one exhibited charged under Article 293, and the other — by 342-m. Mr. Bialiatski estimates that up to the end and will not know what logic is guided by the government. At this point it is clear that against those judged by a milder 342-th article is not collected any compromising Bialiatski says:

"Well, that was against Martseleva? Was only speech on the radio, where he issued a call to come to the area and, well, still that came out on the roadway.'s All the fault, which no one denies.'s Ridiculous for such grounds must then judge all the 30,000 who were at the time of the action. Why choose those? Here, I think, dog and buried. After all, they were active in the election headquarters, prevention is a political and punitive connotations to others feared. "

Ales Bialiatski

The authorities have not gone out to spend a single process for the area, and smashed it into several sister ships, which are the same victims and witnesses, only in order to avoid a too loud events, convinced Mr. Bialiatski:

"The goal is the same — to break the social activity, not to gather it all together and do not attract too much attention to the public."

Mr. Bialiatski notes that in the group of defendants in some of the selection process was carried out arbitrarily, the defendants in the same process even slightly knew each other and with them on the same bench was often the person who really hit the glass in the Government House — probably in order to discredit the other .

Forced observers for Square became a political scientist Alexander Klaskouski, which is closely monitoring the the trial of the his son. "The form of the process is ostensibly correct, but in essence — a mockery," he says:

Alexander Klaskouski

"For hanging in the air a sense of fatalism pradvyznachanastsi. And we see the results of the previous process, because the de facto protection and defendants themselves have broken down in the documents are sewn with white thread prosecutors who allegedly showed the riots." Feature "of the Belarusian official legal thought is that the de facto introduced the principle of collective guilt against the accused when there is no concrete evidence, and they are judged for what they were in the crowd. Thus, conclusion is that these processes are in compliance with some formal parameters do go as a conveyor of repression. "

According to Alexander Klaskouski, the negative Western reaction to the political repression in Belarus is gradually increasing, the initial perturbation grows into a conversation about the point of economic sanctions against the Belarusian regime of the European Union:

"In this sense, the clouds are gathering, and it is felt for the nervousness with which it reacts to the official Minsk. These threats, we will do the opposition restricted to travel abroad, and maybe even remove some of the ambassadors. This indicates that the position of the European Union, which is done more rigid, straining the Belarusian leadership. "

In addition to the international pressure on the Belarusian authorities, according Klaskouski, there is pressure and internal. The repression against the opposition do not find support in the Belarusian society, many are showing solidarity and civic support to the families of political prisoners. And Mr. Klaskouski past difficult months felt it myself.

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