Sergei Kovalenko declared information war

October Vitebsk district court rejected the lawsuit against the newspaper S.Kovalenko "Vitbichi" and chairman of the executive committee of Victor Nikolaikin from which activist demanded financial compensation for moral damages and an apology for the content of the article "To bad, when we feel good."

In the October Vitebsk district court concluded its consideration of the case, which initiated a member of the Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Sergey Kovalenko against the chairman of the Vitebsk City Executive Committee, as well as the newspaper "Vitbichi" and personally Editor Nina Tulinova and journalist Natalia Konahavay.

Judge Victoria Leshenko rejected the claim of an activist. In its decision, the article "To bad, when we feel good," published shortly after, as Kovalenko was arrested for hanging out a white-red-white flag on the town Christmas tree, no insults and insults against him. Sergei Kovalenko said that the decision of the judges did not agree, but the other did not expect:

I believe that this style is ugly! …

"I knew that my claim is not satisfy you, because it's all one system, and the judge will perform the authorities. Therefore rejected" in its entirety. "They said that there is no abuse in the article, and that all of it is evident that he written about me, and that what is normal and normal style. And I think that this style is ugly! "

Heroes of the article "To bad, when we feel good" cognitive: it mentions the name of Sergei Kovalenko, and the fact that was the reason for the publication — the activists hanging a white-red-white flag on the city's main Christmas tree in Vitebsk. It is mentioned in the article and Taras Surhan, friend of Sergei Kovalenko, who has repeatedly posted in the white-red-white flags.

Taras Surhan has a criminal history, and the author Natalia Konahava wrote of him as famous in Vitebsk pickpocket. Although Mr. Surhan has repeatedly said that he is sorry for past actions, and that he now had other values — notably the white-red-white flag.

Sergei Kovalenko presented in the article as a street hoodlum, dangerous to society. Just this opposition is fundamentally disagree: hanging out a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree during Christmas mass actions he believes political act, not an act of hooliganism, for which he was punished by three years' imprisonment "conditional".

Activist sure about the political action can not be written in a derogatory tone, and therefore appealed to the court. He says the government declared the Vitebsk publications and more information war: that his claim to the "Vitbich" not happy, people will be able to learn from other sources:

"Through the Internet, through Radio Liberty, Radio Ratsia even Polish radio — they called me too, were interviewed. About me in these media are materials which I believed to be true. And the media — they can capture the minds of men, it is really the fourth power, and it is much stronger, for example, for any judicial or penal institution. "

As for the government, the chairman of the Vitebsk city executive committee Viktor Nikolaikin to court hearings do not even come. Although Sergei Kovalenko said that negative publicity in the local newspapers Vitebsk — it was his initiative, as the article "To bad, when we feel good," and the like have come out after a special meeting of the city executive committee.



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