Sergei Kovalenko demands apology

In the October District Court of Vitebsk continuing the proceedings initiated by opposition activists against the newspaper "Vitbichi" and chairman of the executive committee of Victor Nikolaikin.

The trial judge is Victoria Leshenko.

Sergei Kovalenko requires that the chairman of the city executive committee, the editor of the newspaper "Vitbichi" Nina Tulinova and journalist Natalya Vasilyeva apologized to him for public humiliation in the article "To bad, when we feel good," published in January this year.

The article appeared in a few days after, as Sergei Kovalenko posted a white-red-white flag on the city's Christmas tree. This event has become a subject of discussion in the executive committee at a special meeting by the Chairman Victor Nikolaikin.

Vitebsk member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF believes that Mr. Nikolaikin blasphemed his honor and dignity. According S.Kovalenko, evidenced quoted in the press saying executive committee chairman.

Therefore, through the courts, he wants to ensure that "Vitbichi" refutation, and author Natalya Vasilyeva publicly asked for forgiveness. The main complaint of Mr. Kovalenko is that article it is called a bully, hooligan and called his act. Meanwhile, hanging a white-red-white flag on the city Christmas tree during mass celebrations opposition considers a political action, meaning that the state media deliberately distort.

Recall first October district court denied the activist — has not accepted the claim for consideration. The process started only after it was written complaint to the Supreme Court. Today is the second trial: On July 14, Sergei Kovalenko, filed a motion for a postponement because he needed an attorney consultation.


Kovalenko, "Vitbichi"

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