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One of the most important purchases in the list of prospective parents — Buggy. It costs a lot of money and, unlike raspashonok, of which kids grow up quickly, you'll use it every day for quite some time. Therefore, the choice of vehicle for your kid is to approach seriously. Even if you decide not to buy anything in advance, should pay attention to the proposed range in advance and inform relatives about the choice. But first you should decide how to meet the special requirements of children, "the coach." So, let's begin.

Requirement 1. Reliability

It is important that stroller all went without a break during use. When you buy should look closely at all the fittings and fixtures, as well as find out the warranty. The most likely location of failure — belts or springs, wheel axle and the handle (in the place where it is the maximum load at overcoming obstacles).

Requirement 2. Passability

In our country, with its long winters, potholes and snow drifts in the middle of the road, it is important to overcome obstacles stroller could easily boost the hatches and curbs. During the cross-carriage wheels are mainly responsible, so they should pay special attention. Many kinds of wheels — with inflatable, (molded rubber) or plastic tires, metal or plastic needles, double and single. They differ in diameter.

The choice depends on your taste, but it should take into account some subtleties: large wheels, especially with spikes and large tread pattern better suited for off-road, but they are massive. Heavier construction and metal spokes, however, in comparison with plastic, they are reliable. Stroller with small wheels are not designed for our winter, and if they double, then you will not be able to make the most of the ramps at crossings, and at the entrances of stores. And do not forget to check directly whether the carriage rides. If she does not take one of the parties, unfortunately, a defective product is very common.

Requirement 4. Weight

Sometimes weight of situations where a wheelchair lift has on hand, it is desirable that it does not weigh too much. Choosing "coach" for the baby, try to pick it up, mentally added another 7-9 kg. To stroller not be too heavy (weight ranges from 8 to 20 kg), it should be made of light metal alloys.

Requirement 3. Density

Sizes are different and the choice of vehicle depends on the conditions in which you live. Stroller should fit in the elevator, waiting room or hallway, and into the car. It is desirable to make it easy to fold. In the lift easier fit carriage with a handle, which is regulated by the angle of inclination. This function is useful and to adjust the handle height for a man who walks with the child. To avoid surprises, measure the lift. If it is an old design with a non-automatic doors, we count on the space when the doors are closed.

Requirement 5. Amortization

One of the classic ways to calm the baby — the motion sickness. Progress depends on the stroller frame structure. There are two types — crossing (this was on the mount of all Soviet wheelchairs) andL-shaped. Stroller second type usually have a large basket made of cloth, and the first — relatively small metal bars. A large role in the type of depreciation plays wheel support:

  • leather belts are used in wheelchairs with the first view of the frame. This allows you to rock the baby well and without shaking overcome obstacles. However, they are unreliable and can easily break;
  • metal shock absorbers externally similar to belts — the most common variant of the first spring as a frame. They provide a good move and thus are reliable;
  • spring mount, covered with a plastic base onL-shaped frames can be placed as one, and the two pairs of wheels. However, rocking a baby in a stroller is possible, but more complex;
  • carriages without springs are rigidly secured to the frame wheelbase.

Requirement 6. Brakes

Choosing a stroller, take a look at how the brakes are made. There are two common models: in the first case, a brake is pressed to the wheels and a little more effort allows the wheels to move on. Second — brake comes into a groove and completely blocks the wheels. The last option — safer. But regardless of what type of brake is mounted on a carriage chosen, you must verify that it is not too tight or, on the contrary, came loose.

Requirement 7. Additional Features

It's all very individual — someone need a big basket of products andsomeone — Reversible handle and an adjustable incline back in the cradle. The current market is able to satisfy any whim. Andyet do not rush — think what you want. For example, a portable crib will provide an opportunity to transfer a sleeping baby from room to room and is easy to walk with his "crib" for a visit. On the other hand, these same functions can be performed "Kars". Conveniently, the majority of parts can be removed and washed.

Also, make sure the inside of the hood was not monochromatic white. Ideally, there should be a pattern. Doctors believe that it is useful for the development of the baby. If you decide to stay with a jibe at the option of the handle, determine the reliability of fastening in the "front of the cradle." Carefully read the connecting mechanism and handle the case. It is important that the plastic hook from the first fully captured the mounting axis, otherwise the time and our roads will do the job, and the handle will break away from the set position at the wrong time. Currently, with all the variety of brands, models and colors are only a few types of wheelchairs.

The main types of strollers


It is in these carriages rolled our mother — tall, rugged, it's perfect for rocking the baby, will protect it from the cold by having a warm cradle and the large wheels. However, its service life is short. As soon as the child wants to travel sitting, you have to change it to a stroller. The disadvantages also are: large weight and complexity during transport.

Two in One

It consists of two separate modules that are installed on the same wheelbase. The first module — the cradle. When it is set stroller is not different from that described above carrycot. But over time, can take place bassinet second, sedentary module. Generally, it has several provisions back and can fold out to the lying state. However, little fidget is quite far from the land, and if he does not want to sit strapped, it runs the risk of falling from a decent height.

So indisputable advantage version of "two in one" is its versatility. If desired, it can be used from birth to the moment when the stroller is not at all necessary. Since these strollers have a warm, full bassinet and are usually raised high above the ground, they are well adapted for transporting infants in the cold. Therefore, if the first 6-9 months of life a baby fall to the cold period, the option "two in one" will be very useful. Of the minuses — heaviness and complexity of the disassembly. Some strollers have more of this type of modules. So, sometimes as a seat can be attached "Kars". This feature is especially useful for parents who travel a lot. Having such a stroller, they do not have to clutter up the car cradle or sedentary module, it is enough to bring the wheel part.


Stroller this type consist of individual modules as "2 in 1" transforms the available base. Most often, the cradle in them is less massive and hard — just the bottom. Transformers are generally lower landing and securing the wheels of the second type. Due to the rigid connection of the wheels and springs child is not comfortable r
ocking, but in a sitting position, he will be closer to the ground. These strollers as versatile as the "2 in 1", but also have another advantage — they are usually easy to fold.


Are on the market and rare foreign "beasts". Recently, more and more can be found tricycles stroller. They were originally invented as a sport, but now they are bought and moms who are not going to jog. If youyet want to exercise, check that the front wheel spun 360 degrees and was equipped with a separate brake. It's worth noting that the because of design features such strollers often have little bassinet. With great cross unconditional minus such carriages — the inability to use Poloznev ramps.

Another new product — high stroller with a fundamentally new mount. The frame is attached to only one pair of wheels while the other is equipped with a separate control. These strollers have just appeared on the market.

So, a great variety of options, and the choice depends on the mass of individual factors — the time of year when the baby was born, the dimensions of your apartment, the presence or size of the elevator, climate zone, and finally the financial possibilities. However, in any case, buying a vehicle for the newborn, check the designs and the availability of the guarantee infirm-seller. Then you and your child will be safe from trouble.

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