Seventh with Venezuelan oil tanker sail in the Estonian port

Supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus via Estonia will continue.

This was reported in the press center of the Belarusian Railway, Interfax reported.

Belarusian Railways preparing for the transportation of two successive batches of Venezuelan oil. The sixth and seventh tankers are already out of Venezuela. Sixth tanker August 1 sail to the port of Odessa, and the seventh — in the Estonian port of Muuga August 8.

Now Belarusian Railways makes every effort to deliver the fifth game of the Estonian oil port of Muuga in a short period of time. On today Venezuelan oil in the Estonian port has been downloaded 120 cars. It is expected that the first train this evening will go to Belarus to plant "Naftan".

Belarusian Railways is also continuing transportation to Belarus the fourth installment of the Venezuelan oil transit through Ukraine.



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