Several hydroelectric Dagestan were technical re-

In Dagestan branch of JSC "RusHydro" summed up in 2011 to implement a program of repair and re-equipment and reconstruction. During the reporting period extended overhaul made on Chirkeisk GES (hydro units number 1 and number 4), Miatlinsky HPP Chirjurtsky GES-1, GES Gelbakhskaya.

Key projects in the Upgrade of steel: the creation of surveillance systems for technological processes, the network of hydrological stations, as well as perimeter security lighting hydropower stations. At the crest of the dam Chirkeisk, Miatlinsky, Chirjurtsky, Gunibsk and Gergebilskaya plant installed stand-alone power supply with automatic start for power valves upstream, mechanisms of control for the station and the spillway dam.

On Irganaiskaya power plant, which in 2012 became part of the Dagestan branch of JSC "RusHydro", fully completed repair work. At the beginning of the II quarter of 2011 has been restored heating loop machine room to the extent previous fire, repaired and put into operation hydroelectric number 1 and number 2 with auxiliary equipment, replaced all the power equipment. At the waterworks station work continues on capital construction first stage Irganaiskaya power plant.


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