Several reasons be proud

In the process of searching for information to discuss the export of sunflower seeds stumbled upon website

A few graphs from there:


1) "We are selling resources and lives by them"

      You can see that the level of "selling the homeland" increased slightly by 1991 (but falling in the 90's has saved us plenty of resources). Do not we are selling home, sell minerals — everybody does. Urrovni "before" and "after" are almost identical — 107-108%. "The oil needle" is not more than the Union.


2) "We have not done anything, all purchases over the hill"

     Yes, we buy. Since 1998 — less than we sell. And is not the sale of the resources and the goods and services! And sell more than we buy. What we buy? You and I know perfectly well without the machines we do not buy — do yourself, products, minimum salary, do yourself — get out that day — that the news that has opened a new farm (Cheers, by the way). Getting rich, in general. Beginning in 2000 (well, anywhere without Putin, right?) — The gap between exports and imports has increased to nearly $ 200 billion (!) Per year.

3) About the "product dependency"

         Well these words, no one seems to no longer heard. Doubt — to write or not, but I'll write, it was too good schedule. Comparison with 1989. Gorgeous 1997 — eat a 2-fold less total cost. 2011 — Plant — ahead of ourselves, record levels, 113%, "killed agriculture" — around 87% (after 55%) — not killed, does develop. "No animal" — RSA, the most time-consuming part is growing slowly. From 50 to 63%. Growing year by year. Do not touch — overtake and surpass :)



4) And finally — the "low efficiency and surplus value"

      Yes, the poor, we are poor. We are not able to work, doing the thumbs of birch pigs. The Free Democratic Ukraine us away … I do not know how to say something, so as not to offend them … In general — as you can see, the same rise since the beginning of the 2000s. Oh, and "similar to the mixing stage" performance with Belarus. It's nice. after all — State brothers.

 PS It is understandable why any attempt to organize marches — you can not live like this anymore. You can not work and prosper! go lie down in the bushes


Added 3 more graphic.


HK here again — the years 1997-1998 — elegant, their food was in Russia "cat laugh," Greetings from "Bush legs". 2011 — almost restored. Now — I think that you can say "been restored." Hooray!

(In general — the scribe … 1995-1998 — food in the country 2 times (!) Was less than the level and so small. Sandwich bread.)


1991-1992 — energy generation facilities on the territory of the former Soviet Union covered the shortage of electricity in Russia. 1992 — have commissioned something different. Since 1998 — drove growth in both promzvodstvo electricity and construction of facilities. Now — the capacity growth of 25% from the collapse of the Union, the growth of electricity production — by 50% (as of 1994 and for all 70-80%). Well, neither of whom we do not buy electricity, ord.


What a tribute to all the new opening poultry farms.

Poultry production more than in the RSFSR of 58%. Voila.

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