Sex after childbirth

Sex after childbirth.

Of course, to become a mother — that's fine. But if you remember that, becoming the mother, you have not ceased to be a woman? Beautiful, loved and cherished?

Many women claim that making love for the first time after giving birth were similar to the "very first time."

There are a lucky women in the world that are still in the hospital dreaming about how they will be engaged in sex again. And, characteristically, shortly successfully embody their dreams into reality. But such, alas, quite a bit. Statistics say that about 50% of new mothers have problems in sexual relations within three months after delivery, and 18% of these problems continue throughout the first year. When and how to solve them?


You can start to have sex no earlier than 4-6 weeks after birth.

This requirement is primarily due to the fact that it was during this period, the uterus is gradually returning to the former doberemennym size, heals the insertion of the placenta (after all, after the placenta during delivery separated from the wall of the uterus, in its place remained solid wound surface). If in the unhealed wound during intercourse get the infection, the case could end endometritis (inflammation of the uterus).

The vagina should also go back to its former state — because it is stretched after childbirth. Most of the sixth week after birth, it is gradually reduced in size. To help him do this, gynecologists recommend doing Kegel exercises, trains the muscles of the perineum and vagina.

In the middle of the last century gynecologist Arnold Kegel invented them for women with postpartum problems with involuntary urination. Later it turned out that these exercises also increase sexual vitality, improve blood flow, and even allow you to control orgasm. In order to get a feel for what muscles need to be trained, try to stop urinating urine stream. The muscles that you did it, and there are muscles of the perineum. Now your task — to learn to their maximum stretch and relax, first slowly, then at a rapid pace. This can be done at any time — while walking, watching TV, lying in bed, etc.

It would seem that if the birth occurred by Caesarean section, then such problems should not occur, and sex can be practiced almost immediately after birth. Indeed, the vagina has not undergone this case, no change, but the wound site to be placental scar just like after vaginal delivery. Moreover, the scar remains uterus which heals within 4-6 weeks of the same (on the suture while the belly skin may heal much earlier).

I can not or do not want?

It so happens that the doctor gives a "good", but the woman still did not want any sex. Do not rush to put a diagnosis of frigidity, but rather look at why this is happening. The reasons may be as readily apparent, and lying deep in the subconscious.

By and large blunting of sexual desire — is a kind of natural given. After all, as long as the baby is in need of constant care and maternal care, can not survive on their own, the next baby mother is not needed. Therefore, in the body of a woman has recently given birth reduces the level of estrogen (a hormone of pleasure), we — increased vaginal dryness, even at relatively high sexual arousal. If the birth was quite difficult, then subconsciously she wants to take revenge on the partner for their suffering.

There are other reasons for not sex, more lucid:

  • severe fatigue (often combined with resentment at her husband, who did not help either with the child or the household), it is most often expressed in the phrase: "I am now not to sex!";
  • feeling of unattractiveness, indeed, postpartum female figure loses her maiden angularity, but many men find it very attractive;
  • Postpartum depression — this type of depression, which occurs in approximately 10% of women can significantly reduce libido.

And the young mother simply scared to have sex. It may fear such that:

  • will be hurt or that the injury has not healed through. To deal with this fear, it is good to see a doctor in advance — it will determine whether all you have in the order after giving birth.
  • at the crucial moment the child wakes up. Fear leads to stress, and a woman can not relax. Not a bad option — do not wait until the night when you will literally fall from exhaustion, and ask grandma or a babysitter for an hour or two to take a walk with your child on the street.
  • she gets pregnant again, and this is now so out of place. Remember that contraception is still has not been canceled. You just have to choose the best way for yourself.


Somehow, in the broad masses of the people is a belief that as long as a woman is breastfeeding or until her menstrual cycle, can not get pregnant. This is not the case. Moreover, until the cycle has begun or not has become a regular, very easy not to notice a new pregnancy. Menstruation can begin as early as 28 days after birth, and can not come within the lactation period, but that does not mean that you're immune to pregnancy. What is left?

Calendar method Now you really do not fit. He is a "peaceful", while effective in only 50% of cases, and only when periods are irregular, hope for it and did not have to.

Regarding the hormone pills opinions of doctors disagree. Some argue that the hormones getting in the milk, unsound for the child, while others insist that modern hormonal contraceptives, expertly tailored specifically for you, does not affect the baby. To you, but in any case do not try to "assign" their hormonal drug — it should make a doctor. In principle, it is quite reliable tool — it is effective at 97-99%.

There are several ways of administration of hormonal drug:

  • tablet itself (to take every day and preferably in the same time);
  • injection, also known as "birth control shot", indications and contraindications it exactly the same as that of the tablet — the only change is the application form (valid for 8-12 weeks, depending on the type of drug);
  • contraceptive capsule inserted under the skin shoulder (valid for 5 years, and at any time, the capsule can be removed).

Intrauterine effective by 98%, but it can be set no earlier than 6 weeks after delivery and provided that you do not have chronic gynecological diseases.

Barrier contraception (Condoms, diaphragm, spermicide) are 85 — 97%. Especially effective is the combination of the diaphragm and spermicide (a spermicide applied to the dome of the diaphragm before it is introduced).

As in the first

Many women claim that making love for the first time after giving birth were similar to the "very first time." It is necessary to bear in mind the wife, burning with passion. It is required now a maximum of patience and tenderness in order to renew a love relationship. For a start he would have to share with his wife not only a bed, but the care of the house and the child.

To relieve muscle tension good fit massage (especially with the use of essential oils). For a start it is better to choose a pose in which you own and control the depth of penetration rate — for example, pose "rider." To reduce vaginal dryness, you can use special gels and lubricants from the sex shop. It is important that you do not question its appeal to the partner. Believe me, the male gaze is much less demanding than the female.

It is said that the restoration of sexual relations — this is the end of the postpartum period and the beginning of a new stage of family life. Let it be your happy!

Inessa Smyk

magazine "Be healthy"

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