Sex in a dream — it is a disease

Sex in a dream - it is a disease

Sleep. The mysterious and still have not learned the final state soul and body. What did we just do not sleep — who snores, who speaks, who even walk. And there are people who are engaged in a dream most real sex.

At the very least, that such a phenomenon described by Dr. Peter Buchanan (Peter Buchanan) from the Royal Alfred Hospital in Sydney (Sydney's Royal Alfred Hospital). Speaking at a conference Australasian Sleep Association (Australasian Sleep Association), he spoke about the unusual case in his medical practice.

Sleeping lover

Buchanan told how one of his patients — a venerable old lady of age, who had a regular sexual partner — at night, get up out of bed and made love to complete strangers. One minor addition — a woman suffering sleepwalking (somnambulism, sleepwalking), and all of their love affairs she performed in a somnambulistic state.

Like any "lunatic", the patient did not even suspect about his double life. Her regular partner periodically found in different parts of the house used condoms, and finally caught his girlfriend almost "scene of the crime."

The angry and cheated in the best feelings a man asked for an explanation, but the woman was not able to give them. She went to the doctor, and that was Peter Buchanan. Lady doctor believed had a full examination and concluded that the patient suffers from a rare disorder — "sex in a dream."

"Sex dream", is still unknown to science phenomenon which, According to Buchanan, is quite different from the usual lunacy. It turns out that in order to have sex in a dream, you need to wait for the deepest phase of sleep — a phase when your eyes start to move fast. It's called — rapid eye movement phase (REM-sleep). Usually in this condition our bodies are motionless, but, according to Buchanan, no one forbids you to get up and have fun, if namely this sexual act you are currently dreaming.

What I see and what I do

British expert Neil Stanley, a sleep (Neil Stanley) from the Center for Psychopharmacology University of Surrey (Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit at Surrey University) explained that people who are experiencing a similar condition, the muscles do not relax, so they do what they dream. This condition could also occur as a result of alcohol abuse, or after severe stress. It may also be a genetic predisposition.

According to Stanley, "If you dream that you have sex with your wife, and you are at this moment actually having sex with his wife, then nothing will interrupt your sleep."

Sex and his wife — this is just one of the "behavioral" people with a similar ailment. In the state of deep sleep can be do and other much more terrible things.

English jurisprudence know of a case where a man beat his girlfriend's head VCR, because that is what he dreamed and that is what was for him a familiar form of behavior. Only when the girl said, "I love you", the guy woke up in surprise — for some reason, this phrase does not fit in his sleep.

This condition is treated with a hypnotic drugs or drugs that reduce muscle tone. In addition, Dr. Peter Buchanan argues that weaned his patient to have sex in his sleep with strange men with psychotherapy.


If you wake up, you will find a sleeping spouse, scattered around the room used condoms, and you do not remember that part in their use, then do not roll up the scandal once and contact your doctor immediately. It is possible that some of you are engaged in "sex in a dream." Or maybe even both — life is quite a strange thing, and it has not yet encountered such intricacies.

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