Silent Falcon — American UAV that runs on solar energy.

Silent Falcon - American UAV that runs on solar energy.
Even more often and more often we hear and we see, as new technological solutions implemented. Not so long ago UAVs were a curiosity in at least some areas of human life, but now the drones are increasingly substitute long used standard solutions in almost all areas. Basic introduction UAV — surveillance and reconnaissance. Their size varies depending on the assigned tasks by type and class of customer requirements, the use of stealth and introduction of new technologies.
UAVs operating from purchased energy from the sun — a fairly new solution in the field of building drones.

Thus, the American company located in the town of Albuquerque, New Mexico — «Silent Falcon UAS Technologies», presented at the conference «AUVSI», held 6-9 August 2012 in Las Vegas, the new
UAV entitled «Silent Falcon», working on solar energy, making it virtually silent flight. UAV has a modular design that allows the customer to change its design depending on the required tasks.

New drone created by «Silent Falcon UAS Technologies» together with the company «Bye Aerospace». Work on the creation unmanned conducted during the last 2 years. It was created as a small portable tactical UAVs for military units. Classified as middle drone created to carry out reconnaissance and observation functions. UAV «Silent Falcon» made of ugleplstika (like carbon). Power from the sun enters the solar battery. Motor at work uses the energy from them and batteries. Total Time Spent
UAV in the air about 14 hours, most of the energy (65 percent) comes from the solar panels. The conversion of energy into electricity is supplied via solar cells that cover the top of the wing UAV. Located inside the wing rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Gross weight UAV — a little more than 12 pounds, length of 1.7 meters. Wing modular type, the set comes three sets of wing span 2.1-5.2 meters. Each set of matched normal to perform certain types of tasks. UAVs can be run from PU and manual method. Application drone — civilian and military sphere. Speed ​​- up to 112 km / h Introduction of unmanned calculated on the heights 30-6000 meters. Most range — up to 25 km. Thanks to the technology applied, the UAV is not actually heard at a distance of 30 meters.

Main features are as UAV payload and on-board equipment. On board video system tracking device installed its own production optoelectronic type «FalconVision». The system consists of a double block cameras designed to remove high-precision images (is night vision), laser pointer type, integrated data storage, inertial gyroscopic system to stabilize the system. It allows you to benign videofoto survey data which can be used to map the terrain.

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