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Unfortunately, the ubiquitous caries threatens even the youngest children. To regular "holes" in the teeth do not become habitual, parents need to take care of their prevention. It is important that primary teeth are healthy and beautiful and perfect smile has become the norm at birth.

One of the most effective methods of prevention and treatment of dental caries Baby Teeth is silvering teeth. With this method, the disease can be halted at the first step when only caries spot appeared. Silver-tooth avoids his handling of a drill, and a more gentle effect compared to making the filling. Thanks to this method is no need to torture a very small child, like a fire afraid of dental treatment.

Silvering carious tooth usually apply the 30% solution of silver nitrate, which creates a film on the surface of the tooth of the reduced silver. However, it penetrates deep into the tooth tissue, which may damage the pulp.

This adverse effect of drugs devoid of the last generation. Modern dental silvering contain both silver and fluorine, and are therefore more efficient. After application of fluoride preparations on tooth enamel and makes a great anticaries effect and has been used for a long time.

The active components of a complex preparation for silver-plating on the surface of the tooth produce insoluble salts, which for a long time, being on the surface of the tooth stain, persistently doing their good work — fight bacteria and reduce the formation of plaque. It protects from destruction as dental hard tissue and soft dentin. The result has already beguncaries teeth suspended, and the new arises. And in the treatment of predominantly deciduous teeth silvering is used because it stains the tooth in a dark color. For the drop-down Baby Teeth it's not terrible, but on the permanent does not look very pretty.

Silvering teeth utterly simple and fast procedure — it takes just a little rubbing with a cotton swab for a few minutes the affected area of the tooth. Almost every child will take it easy. Silvering is recommended 3-5 once every other day or every day 2 times a year. If you do it once a4-6 months, there is every chance that the child will not have a long time away with his first teeth.

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