Slavic herbalism

Mother Lada

Beautiful of goddesses — Mother Svetlosyaynaya Lada — came to the people on a rainbow with a baby in his head and a bunch of flowers in his hands.
Of the Ancient of Days since the creation of the world and created a cult of the Great Goddess of people. This blessed memory was preserved, especially in obryadodeystviyah with flowers and herbs. The plants were in the days of man, distant from us, for tens of thousands of years. About the healing properties of flowers, herbs, fruits of the ancient healers knew then.

Our ancient prazemlya — is the most complex symphony sunny colors, folk beliefs, rituals, art, magic acts. And all this in a single: to be masters in their own land, in my house, eligibility traces traditional way, praise the gods of relatives, ancestors.
In folk medicine, there are numerous methods of influence on the heart, mind, and human diseases. Our ancestors had their hygienic culture, ie its specific relation to the body and soul, a high overall spiritual culture, a kind of interaction with their housing, unique way of eating.
In the world there are about 200 000 medicinal plants. Of those, over 20,000 growing on Ukrainian soil. Therefore, it is not surprising that our ancestors knew and used effectively healing potion — a real gift of the gods.
Great injustice was considered pluck and give flowers and unripe fruits, as it means death (carried only flowers to the funeral: carpeted last earthly dear deceased was placed on the grave.) Ripped off and presented a flower — a sign of causing harm, that is, man desires the same one that made the plant. Pluck only plants, sanctified ritual. Even mature tree cut only with the permission of the manager of the spiritual kind. This attitude to the nature of our ancestors followed from vedaniya trinity world communication of all forms of life in a single body.
Our ancestors knew that everyone has his own magic potions time, when it has the greatest healing power. Began to gather herbs holiday Zelnick (Wednesday at mermaid week). Healing were considered and digested, which now littered the fraud. Midsummer gathering herbs began more out of the night an elderly solstice (June 20-22). Potion, meet at the present time, given the magical properties: it cures all ills. The next collection of herbs began on Poppy Day (Macovei). It has long been the holiday consecrated collection, consumption and gift ripe fruits of the Earth and the Sun. On this day, mainly collecting vegetable plants that grow near the house: poppy, sunflower seeds, carrots, fennel, lovage, mint, rue.
Picking plants have long started east of the sun, while the dew will fall, because then potion loses its medicinal properties. Herb Gathering should occur in the first half of the day, up to 12 hours, "until the day arrives, and the strength to arrive." Sometimes, as in the Kupala, started collecting grass at night. That night, the grass absorb more moisture and nutrients, put out harmful elements, ie self-cleaning.

The best place for gathering herbs considered unsociable places, "where not hear the voices of a rooster."

For every disease there is a one time gathering medicine. If the plant is used to strengthen the body, increase hemoglobin levels, weight gain, to "force", should be collected by a young boy, "to increase as monthly increases." When should get rid ulcers, skin diseases, warts, the grass should be collected for a full month, which will go into decline, the decrease.
With the collection of medicinal potions connected very old customs, which are ritualistic. Land should be thanked for providing the drug. Therefore, before the first collection under a bush or plant Parostok put bread and salt, or a coin, and say, "Do not crush, a bit of land that we love you exposed, we are with you, a bit of land, put the bread." The plants were harvested, praying and always dressed in a clean shirt. Appealed to the gods and the spirits of plants to collect potion was an assistant from all ailments, "Father-Sky, Earth-Met, bless potion to take."
From the depth of ages, it is known that plants are not unique to the healing, but also magical powers. In the gravest moments of his life, our ancestors have always treated with the herbs and flowers.
Thus, it is believed that the red rue and lovage thrown girl to always be loved and cherished, and young women — that was a strong family. Cockerels protect from evil spirits. Similarly, there is a guardian and poppy. Its seeds, sanctified by Macovei, sprinkle with people and livestock. It is woven into wreaths girl. Also used as amulets tarragon and garlic. Possesses magical powers and thyme (Yevshan potion).
Often there is a seemingly featureless plants lies considerable force. With it possible to carry out their wishes, to recover, to remain faithful to get rid of evil spirits, to remove a love spell, or vice versa — predispose attention, gain wealth, to cause a prophetic dream or spirits, to remove damage and the evil eye, preserve youth and beauty.
Magical power plants has always kept secret witch, priests, healers, as it gave an opportunity to help people in healing and able to influence the inner world of man, his mind, opening the way to the unexplored worlds and states.

Old Slavic Legends about the magic herb

In the old Slavic legends of many herbs attributed miraculous properties. The most "main" considered "crybaby-grass", "break-grass," and of course the flower fern (Perun or heat-color).


Mother's tears and grief land
Crybaby-flower sprouted from the ground.
Silent tears pouring po-nad arable land
Dashing over trouble over yesterday.

There is a herb called crybaby, grows near rivers and lakes, high in the hemp color hooks … just the color of his torch, and the morning light is crying tears. Crybaby all herbs mother — say about him wild cornflower, and oak forest, and Poberezhnik and krovavitsa, and the willow-herb. It opens access to sworn treasure, overcomes evil spirits, makes crying evil spirits. Collect crybaby-grass at dawn in midsummer. How will dig, take off all the iron, and then the root shall not be given into the hands of the forces and will not have.

And what will become a dig, said: "Plakun! Crybaby! You cried long and hard, and wept a little, not scram your tears on the open field, not spread your howl on blue sea. Whether you're afraid of the evil demons, a semi old witch Kiev. And will not let you pokorischa, drown them in tears, and run away from your shame, close the hole in the lower parts. Whether it is my word for you good and hard. Century the century! "
Ulmariae loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria L.) or "crybaby-grass." Sem. derbennikovyh. Rhizomatous perennial with purple-pink flowers, gathered in long spike-like inflorescences, up to 2 m

The break-grass

The young soldier behind his rati lost and wandered, tired, on the edge of an autumn forest. Suddenly he heard a hissing sound and saw many snakes around. "Really it was my time of dying?" — He thought, but the snake did not seem to notice him. They all flocked to the low hill, and saw the warrior that each takes on some grass and language for its hard rock, rock, and then opened one after another, the snake disappeared into the mountain. Warrior also plucked a blade of grass. She was so acute that the finger sliced to the blood, but he endured the pain and touch the stone at random. The crack opened up in front of him, and he went into the mountains. Here, all sparkling with silver and gold, in the middle of the cave stood a golden throne, and on it lay a huge old snake. Around slept all other snakes, svivshis into balls — slept so soundly that no one not even stir when he entered the warrior. He put aside his sword and shield, bow and arrows, not to interfere, and wandered through the cave, then grabbing gold bullion, then picking up handfuls of silver coins, the sprinkling of a handful in a handful of semi-precious stones. Forgot everything, did not know how much time has passed. Suddenly he heard a hiss around: it woke up the snake.
— Is not it time we? — They asked loud whistling voices. — Is not it time?

— Now it's time! — Corresponded to a huge old serpent, slipped from his throne and crawled to the wall. The cave was opened, and all the snakes crawled away quickly. Soldier was afraid that the stone will close now, and buried him in the cave forever, and he rushed after him. Sprung — and gasped, stunned. Where autumn yellow forest? All aglow with fresh green leaves in the yard was the spring. Then the soldiers realized that he stayed in a magical cave all winter, and began to scold myself for not having scored himself gold and jewels, was released from the treasury as poor as he was before. He sadly walked no one knows where and when he heard angry shouting.
Several horsemen raced straight to him, raising their swords. And his weapon left lying in the cave! Here is one of the riders dismounted, fiercely grinned at the sight of a defenseless man, raised his sword … and a young soldier just could do was helplessly held out a hand and touched his shield. At the same moment out of his hand escaped the flames, and pierced the shield and armor, and the chest of the enemy. He fell lifeless. At the sight of the other riders once they turned their horses and fled. Winner looked aghast at his hand and remembered the injury from sharp grass that unlocks the mountain. Here's a blade of grass stuck to scratching. Is it a her? It was only then that I realized the young warrior had found treasure, which is more expensive, and silver, and gold, and jewelry. After all, he has found a wonderful break-grass, and its owner becomes invincible.

It is said that the sheets break-grass are shaped crosses, and the color is like fire: it is dissolved at midnight on Ivan Kupala and lasts no more than five minutes. Where it grows — no one knows, it is very difficult to get and with great danger, because anyone who finds it, try to take the life of hell. If you make the break-grass to a locked door or lock, they immediately break apart, and if you throw in the forge — no smith can not be welded and forged iron, even quit their jobs! The break-grass breaks and all other metal connection: steel, gold, silver and copper. In order to reach break-grass, it is necessary at midnight on the eve of Midsummer, to get into the wild wasteland and mow the grass as long as fractures steel braid: this change and as a sign that the blade of the scythe hit break-grass. At the point where the fall braid must collect all the cut green and throw in a creek or river, ordinary grass will float down on the water, and the break-grass against the flow here and take it!

Fern Flower

One farmer sought the eve of Ivan Kupala lost cow, in the most midnight he accidentally snagged on a bush blooming fern, flower and wonderful hit him in the bast. Immediately he became invisible, he cleared all the past, present and future, it is easy to find a missing cow Swedan the many hidden treasures in the land and seen enough of leprosy witches.
When the farmer returned to the family home, hearing his voice and seeing him, horrified. But he took off his shoes and dropped the flower — and in that moment all saw it. A man was rustic and he could not understand where he was given wisdom. One day he was a devil disguised as a merchant, bought it, and at the bast bast took ferns and color. A man was glad he amassed money in the old rounders, but the trouble is — ended with the loss of the flower and its vsevidenie even forgotten about those places where only recently admired the buried treasure.
When in bloom this fantastic flower, night is day, and sea clearly blowing. They say that it is broken bud with a bang and dissolved gold or red, bloody flame, and, moreover, so bright that the eye is unable to make a wonderful shine, show that flower at the same time you want and treasures, coming out of the ground, burn blue lights …

The night on which the fern blossoms, is the middle of summer — on Ivan Kupala when Perun, the ancient view, appeared on the battle with the demon-issushitelem, stopping the chariot of the Sun on the celestial height, broke his cloud rock, discovered the hidden treasures in them and tempers lingering heat of rain showers. In the dark, impenetrable midnight, a storm and tempest, fire flower blooms Perun, spilling around a bright light, like the sun itself, but the flower that adorns one brief moment: Do not have time to blink an eye, it will flash and disappear! Evil spirits rip it and carry away in their dens. Who wants to get the color of the fern, he should light on the eve of the holiday Kupala to the forest, taking with him the cloth and a knife, then find a fern bush, to outline the near circle knife, spread a tablecloth and sitting in a closed circular line, keeping his eyes on the plant; as soon as the lights flower, should immediately rip it and cut your finger or the palm of the hand and the wound to enclose a flower. Then all the secret and hidden will be led and available …

Evil spirit in every way interfere with a person to get a beautiful color of the Fire, about a fern in the cherished night are snakes and various monsters and greedily guard moment its heyday. On the daredevil, who decided to seize this miracle evil spirit brings wakeless sleep or tries to bound him with fear: he just picks a flower, when zakolebletsya ground under his feet, will be heard thunder, lightning shone, howl winds poslyshatsya frantic shouting, shooting, diabolical laughter and the sound of whips that are filthy slammed on the ground. Human obdasta Hellfire and choking sulfur odor to it yavyatsya bestial monsters with protruding tongues of fire, sharp ends pierce the heart.

Until dobudesh color fern, God forbid to speak of a compass or a look around: how povernesh head, so it will remain forever — and stepped out of the circle, the devils will tear apart. Pick a flower, it is necessary to squeeze it in your hand firmly and tightly-run home without looking back, if look back — all labor lost: Fire-color disappear! For others, should not go out of the circle until the morning, as unclean are removed only with the appearance of the sun, and who will come out before they have to pull up a flower. The same conditions to outline a circle and do not look — observe and procuring the treasure.

The same mighty power, which assigns Perunova club, thunder, and color fern belongs: having them, a man is not afraid of the storm, no thunder, no water, no fire is inaccessible evil influence of witchcraft and can command the unclean spirits. For the latter, the color of the fern just terrible, like thunderbolts: seeing flaming flower, they are, in one view, try to capture it and hide in caves cloud, and on the other — to flee from him in their slums and swamps. Flower that unlocks all the locks and doors (just attach it — and iron bolts, chains and links instantly fall) opens cellars, pantries, treasury and discovers underground treasures.

Anyone who would get the Fire-color becomes prophetic man who knows the past, present and future, guessing the thoughts of others and understand the conversations of plants, birds, reptiles and mammals. Moreover, it can be arbitrary in the heart of the maiden nasylat warm feeling of love, which is visiting the plots god thunder god and his lightning arrows.

Based on materials from open sources on the Internet

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