Slavic heritage. Answers to questions (part 1 — 2)


Do anger against the enemy?
What is meryachenie?
From what is sad and how to get rid of it?
What does the word "witch" and who they were?
What will happen after the summer of 7520 (2012)?
Is there a ceremony releasing the soul of plants, animals and people?
When and where you will see the star of Mary?
What do the names of modern Tatiana, Nicholas, etc.?

If Simulation starts of invasion, as distinguished from our psevdonashih and not ours?
These and other questions are answered by the head of Old Russian Old Believers Church — Father Alexandre.
Especially for readers and visitors of Slavic Portal

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Slavic information portal "Darislav» ( is recording the interview (via web-conference) with the head of the Church of the Old Believers Old Father Alexander on the questions that readers sent portal. After seeing the interview and everyone can learn the answers to questions such as:

Why do wisdom teeth have such a name?
What is the symbol of the Slavs symbolize love?
How to choose the ward and whether to apply oberezhnye symbols tattooed?
How to protect children from disease without vaccination?
What is the reason a different color hair and beard head?
What is the difference between sorcerers and witch?
What to do with his wife in the case of adultery?
Went from tradition to cut year-olds bald?
Which children are obtained by mixing the races?
Why hazarin Vladimir imposed not Judaism, and Christianity?
And much more … (about 60 questions).

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