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Astronomical knowledge of humanity began to form on the territory, which historically called Rus' — is the central region of modern Russia. From the Upper Paleolithic is the first time in the world formed the kind of person who we now call modern humans. If we approach the issue of biologically accurate, it is the people whom we now call Russian.

These were our ancestors with you. They left behind more than fifty thousand only open and entered in the records of archaeological sites without exception periods: Upper Paleolithic — Mesolithic — Neolithic — Bronze Age — Iron Age — Middle Ages.

Archaeological finds in the central regions of Russia allow us to speak about our ancestors, as a highly developed civilization. Judge, already in the 11th century BC to make spears ancient ruses used lathe. Tips made turning, found several hundred at various monuments.

At the same time, that is, 13,000 years ago, our ancestors already knew the basics of chemistry. At least, for they used tar pyrolysis and carbonization. And the tar collected in the earliest pottery and used for waterproofing boats and vydelyvaniya skins.

But we are interested in calendar and astronomical knowledge emerged much earlier. Already among the findings of the Upper Monument "Sunghir" located near Vladimir, there are some that experts attribute and the calendar, and astronomy, and with a basic knowledge of mathematics.

Modern research has lead to the unequivocal conclusion that the conscious space surveillance began for 25 — 27 thousand years ago, or even earlier. Only this can explain the fact that ancient ancient Russians know the exact duration of the period of the precession of the Earth — 26 thousand years. This number, in turn, formed the basis of today's calendar, and all over the calendar.

Some will ask: what about the other people? Yes, other people were also at this time. But they took their biological pathways in the development lagged far behind rusichej — Hyperborean (R1a) and Atlanta (R1b), which are only starting from the 8th millennium, came to the territory of the future of China, Sumer, Egypt, India, Greece, America, and put there seeds of future local metisnyh civilizations.

On this occasion useful to plunge into the myths of any and all colored people, in which the process of learning always goes back to the appearance of the white natives of the deity. In China — it was Huang Di. The Aztecs and Toltecs of Mexico called the white god Quetzalcoatl, the Incas — Kon-Tiki Viracocha, for he was the Chibcha Bochika, and for Maya — Kukulkan. Archaeologists found that the founders of Sumer and Egypt were white people.

Called the period of precession of the Earth axis, equal to 26,000 thousand years, has been divided into 12 parts — the only number which can divide a circle, with no special tools, except for the compass. Along the path of precession in the sky located dragon hair (Velez), which to this day is represented on the coats of arms of many cities, countries, the ancient clans and banners.

Academician BA Fishermen dated the formation of the ancient knowledge of the dragon Russes Veles time of the Upper Paleolithic, that is, from the 50th millennium BC. Hence its roots deep astronomical knowledge in.

Each of the 12 pieces, like the spokes of a wheel, was named Mr. rays. Each beam pointed to the appropriate area of the sky. In each of the 12 sectors of the sky has been issued for several constellations with the, unique names. The 12 constellations that were on the circle of successive equinoxes were called Svarog Circle — by the name of a mythological dragon Svarog that his body surrounded and protected the celestial paradise (the space inside the circle of the zodiac constellations).

Hence the 12 sectors, alternately formed 6 days and 6 nights of Svarog. Every day and every night — long 2145 years. From 143 BC to 2001 AD, reigned over the Earth Night of Svarog. Or, more familiar — the era of Pisces. Since 2002, the day came Svarog.

Keepers of ancient knowledge on the day shift Night of Svarog Svarog's Day, that is, in the new year (11 September) from 2001 to 2002 directed blast demolished the old astronomical symbols of the period — "Pillars of Hercules" (the twin towers of the World Trade Center in the United States). And as the political authorities of the country have used the incident to their advantage.

After this drift on the Earth alone pillars supporting the sky. And it is in Russia. I will not call him. Let me just say that the reports about him are found in many of the news. None of the other countries do not have such a pillar in lacking the knowledge.

The symbolism of the building and the subsequent destruction of PILLARS associated with the astronomical context. Erect a pillar in a country when the day comes Svarog on its territory. In particular, it was when they built the tower of Babel. When the day gives way to night, Svarog, the pillar and destroy transfer it to a new location, marking and thus symbolizing the country to which the cosmos in this period will send all my blessings.

As for the expected apocalypse should say two things. The first — the biblical followers of religion have no idea of the cosmic processes, and related process chain. Replacement of astronomical knowledge by some inventions of God (bull or ram) does not bring "pastors" to make sense of things. Second — touted "biblical" apocalypse, even in the Bible is not associated with any disasters. Journalists, writers, experts, and were themselves clergy, hysteria about disasters, simply do not bother to read the original.

Well, now present to you the Slavic horoscope sorcerer Rodogora in 2012 — that is, in '11 after having slept Apocalypse.

Forecast for 2012

In 2012, in celebration of our lives and settle the fight. Space dragon will take our way flows refreshing rain and numerous stars. Stars will be different: some will shine hot, some — cooler. Perform many of the great and glorious deeds, there will be many new ideas, start an abundance of bold projects. All participants in the event will be full of enthusiasm. Background, the energy is so high that intoxicates with limitless possibilities.

In that year, producers and financiers awaits a most obereganiya. Every job is a dispute and immediately rewarded. Any money — their own, and credit — will appear with ease. Reign usually all a lot. Poostorozhnichat fans this year will be the objects of ridicule. The heroes of the year will be those who will not only act decisively but also accompany their determination as persistent actions.

It should be understood that the owner of the year — being, which is the basis of space, eternal and always wins. Therefore, greater impetus to success will get those initiatives that are aimed at building on the dialogue with the cosmos, the advancement of civilization, to achieve the purity of the body, thoughts and plans. All kind-hearted people, whose minds are white, and all the Russian people will come happiness and luck.

The year will be especially happy for all those who choose to follow the path of love, built on deep traditions of his chosen ones with the same kind. Children born of these marriages, will host the upcoming years. In contrast, same-sex relationships and mixed marriages of different genera will bring their fans to the most disastrous results. This will result in the termination of the genus, and the information about these individuals will be completely erased from the memory of the universe, as the stray and unwanted.

Problems in the backward regions of the world dramatically worsen — Space turn away from those who spent time on the prior achievement of civilization. All requests for assistance will be rejected. Donations that used literally rained down on the Asian and African region, notably they shall turn. Those who, in obedience to the remainder of the reflex, will continue to support dependency, suffer rapid devastation and fashionable attitude to this kind of charity contempt replaced by a more successful part of society.

On the contrary, become fashionable to allocate grants and otherwise finance any undertaking that would Earth civilization to step to the next stage of its development. This year will be a lot of wins and a lot of high-profile failures.

At the level of consciousness we are faced with an unexpected coup: many dogmas, which previously enjoyed a considerable part of the population, will be replaced by the opposite. Basically it concerns the division of mutual interests. First of all, it concerns Europe, countries which give up and not thought to incarnate unnatural association sakkumulirovav released efforts on the development of their economies and peoples.

In a planetary scale year will bring prosperity to a greater extent in Russia. Ethnic gangs, now strangling the country, will be gradually neutralized. After fierce clashes power in Russia will take a course on creativity. Other countries comprehend very large-scale in size disasters. And as we move away from Russia, these disasters will occur more often and so devastating.

The society will take massive social unrest. They will take place on the streets and in the media and the Internet. Society will be cleaned of centuries of forced internationalism. Will come to the fore notions such as family, race, tradition, home. The object of lightning strikes will be pockets of cosmopolitanism, the people of the world, all kinds of immigrants and itinerant workers. Problems arise in a large number of scientists working outside their home countries.

Cosmic force through every cell of every organism — and the living and dead. Electrification will reach the highest level of existence. Avoid stimulating light tingling or electric power electric shock — depending on the directions of actions — no one can.

Andrew Tyunyaev

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