Snake attacked a hospital in Donetsk region

Snake attacked a hospital in Donetsk regionReptiles crawl into the dining room, wards, and even to the office of the head physician.
Snakes attack Dmitrovskaya hospital in Donetsk region for the past week here found eight reptiles. Encounter them in the most unexpected places — in the dining room, the main office of a doctor and even in the House, where villagers have emergency medical care.

Dmitrovka village situated on the outskirts of Donetsk region. From here to the border with Russia just 12 kilometers. According to local residents, is home to a variety of snakes, including venomous viper. But to just eight, and even in a medical facility, such is not yet seen, said dispenser unions.

Nadezhda Kiseleva still can not recover from this incident. He lives in the village 80 years, but with the onslaught of the first encounters. Two snakes found her in the office chief physician. Pensioner admits that for her it was a surprise, but the situation emerged victorious.

In the confusion, not only patients, but also doctors. It employs 35 people. Are treated almost as much. From the neighborhood with reptiles saved, who as you can. Doctors construction foam filled all the cracks in the building. Even make a special device to catch snakes. Patients are encouraged to day and night to look down to avoid stepping on the reptile.

"Scary … It is terrible not only for themselves, but for people who are undergoing treatment. God forbid, come at night on the snake. Especially because there is no vaccine in the Donetsk region, "- said the chief physician Nina Volik Dmitrov hospital.

Caught snakes doctors gave Donetsk specialists. They were examined and concluded: for human life, they are not dangerous. On the contrary — in need of protection. Yellow-bellied racer is in the Red Book of Ukraine. Conducted, as a rule, in the Crimea. In Donetsk snake moved due to climate change. The adults can reach a length of two meters. But they are not poisonous and while meeting with a man just for them often ends in death.

"Employees have killed all those caught, and one we were sent for identification," — said the director KP "Animals in" Eugene Grinchuk.

As snakes were in a rural hospital, experts say exactly can not yet. Most likely, reptiles followed the fields for their food — rodents that are due to the use of chemicals households to migrate closer to the people.

"Maybe they have not been studied to the end, and we did not know that they live in a plantation. Now there is no recent information. Data on the habitat of snakes prepared biologists who worked in the Soviet era. Maybe 20-30 years something has changed enough for the snake to start living closer to the people ", — says Grinchuk.

The incident in the village of Dmitrovka not the first this month. Two weeks ago, several snakes found on the second floor of a kindergarten in Makeyevka. And in the hospital and at preschool caught a juvenile. "But their parents are two-meter can remind yourself," — experts say. Although it is likely that failure to adapt to low temperatures snake will die after the first severe cold

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