Solving the problem of male infertility

According to current statistics, 20% of couples who decide to give birth to their first child, there are problems with conception. And almost half of pregnancy because of possible violations of the ability of the male body to produce healthy sperm, which must contain the required number of full-fledged sperm — male cells are directly involved in the process of conceiving a child.

Semen quality has nothing to do with sexual activity and is an indicator of a fully so-called "reproductive" men's health.

To imagine how complex and active reproductive system of men enough to know that every second in a man's body produces more than a thousand sperm. Constantly, day and night male the body is continuously working on the elaboration of more and more sperm. He's working on it since the onset of puberty and before the last day of his life.

Hundreds of millions of sperm cells are constantly born, live and die in the male body. This gigantic, recurring for a moment, the work of the male body not only requires a significant investment of various substances, but also a constant supply of sufficient energy.

In today's life, when the body men have a detrimental impact urban ecology, artificial additives in food, tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, stress, male body may lack the energy that it is so necessary for the production of healthy active sperm.

Unfortunately, the last decade of the sperm quality of men is constantly decreasing, the problem of male infertility is becoming more acute. According to some experts, if all will continue to grow at the same rate, then by 2050 the children will be obtained only in a test tube.

And all this is due to the inability of the male body at the same time confront so many negative factors and, at the same time, create high-quality sperm.

Power generation, optimization of its distribution — the most important task of the male body.

The main thing in the synthesis of energy — a full supply of fuel of mitochondria — cellular power plants.

Another important aspect which directly determines the health of your unborn child — this DNA. When creating the sperm and maturing in its DNA damaging free radicals. And the worst part is that DNA damage can not be seen with a microscope. And these are the invisible eye damage, DNA fragmentation — as doctors call it, is the main cause of miscarriage.

Therefore, the correct maturation of spermatozoa with strong and constant protection of their DNA from the blows of free radicals — the key to the future health of the child.

Improve the reproductive health of men and the quality of semen helps biologically active food supplement Spermaktin — the original combined metabolic drug. It contains in its composition the active the combination of L-carnitine. .

It should be noted that more energy Growth full of sperm and to enhance their fertilizing capacity of the drug is in addition to L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine. International studies L-carnitine show that it is this combination effectively influences the improvement of male reproductive health.

Spermaktin was a series of large-scale clinical trials in leading clinical research centers in Russia, under the guidance of leading andrologov Russian Federation. The evidence base for these studies to date of more than 7,000 patients.

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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