Sources of power and mystery of the pyramid shape

What forces could be used by the ancient Egyptians?

Unfortunately, we do not have the "central repository", compiled by the Egyptians, and they contain information about what forces, where and for what they use, redirected, distributed and accumulated. But we can use some guidance, to draw conclusions about the sources of these forces and for operations with them. So we will be able to identify two of the three unknowns. So we will increase your chances to trace the unknown quantity and the third — the nature of these forces.

Where to use these powers?

To this question we can answer easily, if we take into account all that had nyyasnit. These forces were manifested everywhere erected pyramids, obelisks, temples, because these structures were high schools of knowledge and skills of the ancient Egyptians. Sure, there were trained and medicine, as well as engage in treatment.

Why use these forces?

Said places were not only for the treatment and application of known methods of getting rid of diseases. Of course, there was carried out the study and testing of different approaches to treatment. If the data structures were also the objectives of other branches of knowledge, the results of comprehensive research, no doubt, be made available to physicians.

WHAT ARE THESE KIND OF POWER and what qualities do they possess?

The first artificial Earth satellites allowed in the sixties of the century to make measurements in magnetic fields, radiation belts and safety belts of the world. Constantly enriched our knowledge of the fact that not only water and air, and a complex interaction of these components with a variety of other forces support life on this planet. But on the basis of scientific and technical approach, its stamp on the thinking of the XX century., We tend to think of actually existing is that just as surely as the ground beneath their feet. And the ancient Egyptians had other views.
It is time to adjust our philosophical conclusions as the problem of the existence of life in the universe. The land on which we dared to appear, incredibly large compared to the size of the human body and the amount of bodily sensations. Who seriously thought about it? If the average human height of two meters, it would take place on one another 20.5 million people to get a "Tower" height of about 41 million meters (the diameter of the Earth).

So, to man the earth is a not a small, but extremely great education. Land is not a hard, cold, and — if you remember the devastation caused by earthquakes — calm. These subjective views once appeared on the front pages of geology textbooks. But in our time a new geologists draw their conclusions about what is inside the globe.

Previously argued a lot about the structure and composition of the Earth. Earth's core consists of a superdense considered metal. On the mantle, there are several hypotheses debated whether liquid magma at the surface of the nucleus, or it consistently thickens. But while such discussions took place.

It is now recognized that, in general, the Earth's core is composed of iron mixed with nickel. Distinguish between the outer core that is in the molten state, and the interior — solid.

In the mantle magma solidifies moving towards the nucleus. Measurements have shown that the inner core is a hundred times harder than the external. In the mantle magma bubbling, creating large and small eddies in the circulation of the division occurs at different layers.

Geomagnetic field

Within our planet, "bubbling" incomprehensible intelligence processes. Far more important volcanic eruptions, which eject magma to the surface of the Earth and is earthly gaze content
Are swirling beneath the earth's crust, which predetermine the invisible and unconscious vibration. These powerful movement within our Earth obey a simple principle — friction, during which energy is extracted.

Today, no one would dare deny that the metallic core of the Earth causes the earth's magnetism (Fig. 48). No one can deny the fact of the influence of fluctuations in the intensity of the core magnetism. By satellites The magnetic fields at 400, 800 and 1200 km.

It is debatable but the mode of penetration and localization of magnetism through solid crust, and the impact of it on living creatures.

We are currently unable to confidently answer yes to the question of whether it was known to the ancient Egyptians something about the magnetic field of the Earth. But these people had the opportunity to be closely monitored for many generations and give experience to the offspring. And maybe along the way found the first principles of a healthy life.

How could such a system transfer function observations? Try to mimic this process with simple reasoning.
Egyptians get knowledge of the legends of this, we can proceed in any event. Thus, the source of their knowledge is continuous observations conducted for at least four thousand years. Even if their culture developed differently than ours, slowly, one should always remember that the Christian culture has only two thousand years, of which only the last three hundred rapidly developing science and technology. According to ancient Egyptian standards, we still have 2300 years to develop their culture. And that we will reach a 2300 years?

Such a long period of continuous cultural development is a tremendous advantage for the monitoring of nature and systematization of knowledge. There is a special relationship to the observations of the elementary laws of manifestation of life in the actions of people, animals, the metamorphosis of plants. In light of the findings from a study of left-handed utse fragments of knowledge, we must acknowledge that we are unlikely to have the benefits of the ancient Egyptians in understanding the spiritual laws of life. After all, people of all ages is one basic problem: life is too short to have time to understand the universal law!

In the scale of the Platonic year (around 26 OOO years, during which the solar system makes handling around the galactic center) seventy years of life compared with a lifetime of insect mayflies compared to the calendar year. How can bring mayfly patterns for just over 365 generations?

We develop our analogy to include the question: how could "organizational form mayflies» learn, despite the brevity of life of the individual, to distinguish between seasons and describes how to identify the differences?

For the unit ephemera such possibility. But the 3 x 365 mayflies, each of which lives for one day and leaves a message about their lives, can catch the changing of the structure, and pass on this knowledge to future generations. This requires a system that provides the accumulation of the total amount of observations of individual mayflies and mayflies, lived up to her and left a message. How would such a system look like?

The first report of ephemera. Subsequent reads it and compares it to his own experience. And so on, until a chain of messages. Made periodic comparisons, and records all deviations.

There will come a time when it will be noted not only match between individual mayflies, but the coincidence of the discrepancies in the reports. This will occur after approximately 365 days. We, people, this is understandable, but mayflies, then they do not know!

With an estimated 730-th mayflies again repeat a change in life circumstances, and based on the recurrence pattern can be derived. From this point is not only possible for each of the subsequent mayflies recognize recurring phenomenon, but all accurately predict them. Step to the knowledge of the seasons made.

But keep in mind an important fact: how big is the risk of a mayfly needs to know the laws of the universe, which have no apparent effect on their lives? If mayflies in this respect similar to modern humans, it should be recognized that the probability is extremely low.

But if you study the tombs of pharaohs, building structures left by the ancient Egyptians, the life of the people, as reflected in the myths created by him, there is a different way of thinking, understanding the Egyptians, than the current approach of people or mayflies. Permanent renewal law-life principle is the foundation of their world and not questioned. This belief helps explain why they care about the oral transmission of traditions from generation to generation, considering it one of the highest achievements of culture. And, helped us find our model — analogy with mayflies, the ancient Egyptians through the following chain of observations to obtain knowledge that is as continuous practical use in life. Today we have to rediscover that knowledge to fill the gap, caused by rupture of tradition, because it is not as wasteful as reassemble them bit by bit over the millennia. However, the re-opening may be possible only in the event that we are ready to abandon the stereotypes that feed our complacency, the belief that to our cultural era was not committed any significant discoveries.

Drawing on prehistoric vase

Consider once again the familiar image on prehistoric vase.

Plenty of evidence suggests that there are shows that we know today, the earth's magnetism. We believe that the measurement of the magnetic effect of the Earth, carried by satellite, there are still too rough. They are sufficient for a global analysis, but today we lack the ability to provide an adequate more accurate measuring equipment. We need tools to detect minor variations in the directions of forces of magnetism, it is only within these limits, these forces can be useful to people.
Until the invention of the right tools and develop appropriate measurement technique, we have no choice but to use the techniques of dowsing (radiestezii). If these approaches will produce new knowledge, and besides, they can be reconciled with the well-known principles, such an experiment would be quite justified.

Currently using techniques is termed localization "outliers" — fractures in the Earth's crust. In these places, layers of the earth's crust move relative to each other. The defect layer of rock can be sized from a few centimeters to thousands of meters. Deep faults can reach the upper layers of the magma. But the lines of these faults are zones of earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers. Fault detection methods are based on the fact that in places such amounts of energy from the depths of the earth, even from its core, meeting no resistance, penetrate to the earth's surface. In this way, by assumption, the effect of summation: the particles in the certain moments of his passing form clusters of energy. With high sensitivity, such flows can detect energy dowsers through their manipulation.

Are the Egyptians were the zones of emissions? I answer this question in the affirmative.

Details reproduced image (see Fig. 49) show that the ancient Egyptians did know these places, at least in the vicinity of the pyramids. The illustration wavy lines show the flow of energy reaching the Earth's surface. Pictures of animals — mammals and birds — should serve to indicate the particularly favorable conditions for these species.

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