Southern province of Mozambique hail covered

Southern province of Mozambique hail covered

Castle became the southern Mozambique as a complete surprise — ITAR-TASS. In the center of the province of Manica rooftops down ice balls, all this was accompanied by strong gusts of wind — said an employee of the Institute for the struggle with the elements João yours. We also learned that two people have been seriously damaged, and a total of about a dozen injured.

Residents were not prepared for the disaster, and many buildings were destroyed. Including over hundreds of residential, 10 schools, five churches and three medical institutions. Were also severely damaged two sections of the local police. Traditionally, old buildings poor African countries can not stand surprises that brings to the region to climate change. If this continues further, here will have to import large quantities of insulation and adhesive for insulation. But for example in Angola, located in the same latitudes in early summer, it was snowing.

Hail and wind were a disaster for the local energy. By night it became clear that in many areas of the city Shimoyu, the center of the province of Manica, no light due to a broken electrical substation and fallen power line poles.

According to the observations of the local institute, hail was brought together with the low-temperature air masses passing over the region. Elements raged about 40 minutes. While the Institute for the struggle with the elements calculates the damage and planning activities for the rehabilitation of infrastructure, the residents of the province and the employees affected institutions are waiting for help from the local authorities, but so far not even know what they can expect.

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