Start of production of hand-held devices for applying tape to the pipe insulation

«WORKER ® -1020»  

-Fundamentally changed the geometric form of the apparatus frame and a profile frame manufacturing.
-The frame and all the mechanisms of the device are galvanized and coated with a special paint.
-Increased the number of pressure rollers and their size. 
-Fundamentally changed the location of installation sites reels.
-Changed distance relative to the installation of the pipe spools.
-Fundamentally changed the mechanism of adjusting the tension of the film.
-Danae design of the device, the installation of two reels was first developed for pipe diameter 1020mm.
As a result of the modification has been achieved reduction in the overall weight of the device, the device has received considerable protection from corrosion, reduce the distance the passage of the reel between the pipe and the soil, which greatly affect the conduct of earthworks (excavation under the pipe was reduced to 35 cm), two times higher performance ! At the request of our customers are preparing to launch into production:
«WORKER ® -273»
«WORKER ® -530»
«WORKER ® -820»
«WORKER ® -1220»

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