Start the harvest marred by the death

On the first day of the mass of the harvest, which Alexander Lukashenko announced on July 20, died in Brest Assistant combiner. Now the scene in selgaskambinatse "Western" Brest region, is under investigation of the tragedy, and in the region — prevention work to prevent accidents in the harvest.

Evening of July 20 the driver of the vehicle MAZ selhozkombinat "West" in the village of Velyamovichi hit a combiner assistant who has worked in the field. The guy who was 21 years old, died from his injuries. In Brest District Prosecutor's Office reported that a criminal case.

In the district labor inspection noted that the case is irrelevant: the deceased was in the zone "nyabachannya" the driver:

"Before, there were no such incidents. Engine has been turned off in the MAZ. Unclear possible did not hear the car started up. Combine was short. This resulted in a tragic accident. From the height of cab notice it just was not possible. "

The inspector noted that the victims could also be called the driver and car, which hit a combiner:

"During my work had to see how after the accident, the driver no longer has never sat behind the wheel. This driver fifty years. By car, it runs for 32 years. Eyewitnesses say that he was in no hurry. Already finished loading, driving up to the third processor. Him sygnalizavats started. he realized that something had happened, and when I saw it for the time I took three tablets validola. "

In the past year, as noted by the inspector, the number of cases during agricultural work, compared with 2008 increased significantly. Contributes to injuries and the use of agricultural machinery, operation of which is not allowed under the current regulations. According to the prosecutor's investigation, the number of violations is more than hundreds of cases, said an employee of the regional prosecutor's office:

"During the planting season in he was registered 31 cases of manufacture for use faulty equipment. Over the last year, the traffic police prosecuted 318 persons for such violation. For the first three months of this year made up 75 protocols. "

In This year, Prosecutors have already recorded 106 cases of the use of faulty equipment.

A meanwhile employees in the Vitebsk region Postavsky rayotdela MOE had to be rescued from the fire harvester, who worked for the cleaning of feed near the village Voropaeva. Fortunately, there were no casualties, said an employee of Postavsky rajagroservis:

"All is well — managed to jump mechanic. But this minute deal — they burn quickly, those combines. As it happened, a spark fell into the engine, the engine caught fire and the wheel began to burn. But extinguished, the Emergencies Ministry summoned immediately."

Last year, the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee conducted a special inspection of farms to prevent injuries. According to official statistics, it was revealed 11,534 violations barred from working 390 employees are prohibited from operation of 1,005 units of agricultural machinery.

In the first half in Belarus killed 36 agricultural workers. 10 of them were found dead on the premises or in the premises of farms in the pasture or in the booth for the guards. Five more came under the wheels of transport, and the rest — unsuccessfully falling from a height, were burned or died of a heart attack.

According to Deputy Director of the Department of State Labour Inspection Irina Shylaevay, the harvest — the most dangerous period of relative safety. Therefore, the safety in the harvest in the mobile teams now follow a few departments: Technical Supervision, Ministry of Emergency Situations, sanitary station.



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