Started construction of a road between Chukotka and the Far East

Started construction of the federal highway Kolyma — Omsukchan — Omolon — Anadyr, Chukotka, which will connect to the road network of the Far East of Russia, reported the press service of the administration of Chukotka citing the head of State "Management of Highway Chukotka Autonomous Okrug" Alexander Kozhuhova.

Contractor, LLC "Inkomnefteremont", has already started the construction of a 30-km area located between the village and the city of Komsomolsk Bilibino.

Delivered at the place of work for more than 30 units of road-building equipment, commissioned field camp. Work is currently underway on a complex area where the road will go through several mountain Perevalovo.

Also in 2012, Chukotka will start to build another road segment length of 23 km.

The construction of the federal highway Kolyma — Omsukchan — Omolon — Anadyr (with entrances to Bilibino Egvekinot) is conducted in the framework of the federal target program "Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia for the period up to 2013" and the regional target program "Improvement and development of the road network roads Chukotka, 2010-2013. " The territory of Chukotka will be part of the road Omolon — Anadyr total length of over 1,800 km.

The approved amount of funding for 2011-2013 is 1 billion 920 million rubles, including the federal budget — 1 billion 65 million rubles. The total cost of the project in Chukotka is estimated at 150 billion rubles.

The report stresses that the new road will connect the Chukotka permanent road links to the road network in Russia. Currently, the only year-round mode of transportation, enabling communication with other regions of Chukotka, is aviatsiya.Krome addition, according to local authorities, the construction of the road will give impetus to the economic development of the region by engaging in the operation of major mineral deposits in Western Chukotka. In particular, it is planned that the track Kolyma — Omsukchan — Omolon — Anadyr will take place in the immediate vicinity of the giant copper deposit with estimated reserves of gerbil 27 million tons of copper and 1,600 tonnes of gold.


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