Started cutting metal at a series of submarine export to Vietnam

  • Started cutting metal with the latest submarine export to Vietnam
  • Started cutting metal with the latest submarine export to Vietnam

In February 2013 the shop number 6 "Admiralty Shipyards" began work on cutting the metal to the extreme order export series. Told of the Central Navy Portal source said the company.

Work on the production of parts of the spherical nose bulkhead of the first block for the sixth and final in a series of diesel-electric submarine of Project 06361 for the Vietnamese Navy began on schedule — on February 1.
Given the accumulated experience of the metal workshop was ahead of schedule, so as to changes of sheets and their preparation for the launch needs time margin. Since the production of parts hull very critical, before going into production each sheet passes consuming operation on correcting on special rollers.
In addition to working with the company in 2011 to a high-performance plasma cutting machine ESAB Swedish company this year in the shop number 6 will be the second such equipment is installed — the line gidroreza where steel cutting will be carried out by means of high-speed jet of water under high pressure.
The line of waterjet cutting will be staged at the shipyard in March, and in July will begin its installation.
The new equipment will improve the quality of the cutting process, will expand the range of engineering products manufactured by the plant. In particular, now the "Admiralty Shipyards" abandon counterparty services organizations in the making of the fairings sonar submarine.

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