Started operation of the new fiber-optic backbone

One of the largest providers of Russian "MegaFon" said the commissioning of the newest fiber optic line, which will connect the local network operators to Europe along the shortest path. Its length is only 3,600 km, which can significantly speed up the process of data exchange. Prior to the commissioning of the new line, the relationship with the European servers are accessed through the Scandinavian peninsula, and it is much more, and the old fiber-optic lines do not have the required bandwidth, slowing down the system as a whole.
The new highway connects Russia and Germany, and passes on the route Frankfurt am Main — Riga — Moscow. Since the project was not large enough then to implement it took the participation of three partners, actually, "MegaFon", as well as the German operator Deutsche Telekom and Latvian Lattelecom, who took care of all the expenses for the construction, commissioning, start-up and maintenance of highways. The plans of the Russian operator to use a new line for the development of its own network, not only in Russia but also in the European market.

The new fiber-optic communication line called Baltic Highway. This project is a global, not only because it has improved the quality of communication Russian subscribers with European networks. Experts believe that another important factor is the increase in Asian traffic, which Moscow has become a key node. Now, the transfer of data from the Russian and Asian customers in Germany, Poland and the Baltic states can occur at speeds that are multiples of 10 Gb / s. This will improve the quality of communication for users of the central regions of Russia and Siberia. To ensure the transmission of data at high speeds in the line has been used modern technology DWDM.
Turnpike Baltic Highway will raise the quality of the data to a new level, as well as to expand the list of services. It will be a reliable channel to create a closed corporate networks and the urgent need transnational business structure. With this advantage will be given to long-time customers of "MegaFon", and others will have to wait a while. If the computer will be reduced while pinging, which will make the job much more comfortable, and for all users, including those using mobile devices.
The issue of development of telecommunication networks care of almost all the major domestic operators. Provider "VimpelCom", which belongs to the "Beeline", not so long ago has also upgraded its own backbone network. Between Ufa and Samara was installed fiber line with a capacity of up to 100 Gbit / s. This high-speed communication channel, equipped with the latest processors WaveLogic, will significantly improve the quality of the transmitted signal in the region. And now, in the transmission of data on the new line, you can further expand the package of services offered to subscribers. The increase of free traffic can significantly increase the telecommunications market, due to the rapidly growing number of subscribers.
This project brings home broadband Internet access to the world's standards, and it should please the customers. It is obvious that the new line will interest large providers who want to improve the quality and range of services provided. Many domestic portals are located on foreign servers, and their owners are willing to pay for a fast and reliable connection to that designed the project. For the average subscriber line will enable faster and more reliable contact with European subscribers, which is very important in the context of globalization of all the processes that take place in today's society.

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