Started production retropriemnikov the Great Patriotic War

OJSC "Murom Radio Plant" has started mass production of radios "Retro Murometz-1" and "Retro Murometz-2." The plant currently produces up to 70 receivers per month. This is not the main products of the plant. Purchased new woodworking machinery to increase production to 150 units a month.

— It all started with the fact that for us to come to the factory Vasily Volkov, author of "St. George Ribbon" — said the general manager of Leo Lazarev. — He ordered a wall-mounted speakers have the war for Moscow. We did, but then we thought that it is necessary to further promote the patriotic actions. So it came to the idea of production retropriemnikov. Nearly five months reduced the production technology, and then allowed to go on the conveyor. 

Soon on receivers with songs learned throughout the Murom district. Here in the villages veterans alarmed. Began calling relatives asking them to buy a receiver. Some even turned to the plant's request. Therefore, the 32 receiver went from village to village.

— Called me, told me that now the owners of the receivers the whole village goes to visit — said Leo Lazarev. — By three o'clock sit, listen to songs and speeches generals, Stalin and Molotov.

Veterans, when they hear these songs and summaries of the Soviet Information Bureau, could not hold back her tears. For them — it is a living memory. For us — a reminder of the storm of the Second World War and the testimony of unparalleled heroism of our people, the heroic deeds of our veterans who left us quite a bit. It is our duty not only to surround them with care and attention, but above all, do not forget that it was thanks to them that we live. It is our duty — to do everything to the memory of the Great Patriotic War, and continued to live in the next generations of Russian citizens.

On the Murom radio plant understand it, and therefore began to produce products that are unlikely to yield a profit. Just here believe that there is light at things more important than money. And how do you measure the participants a sense of the war, when they are presented with such a memorable gift. Pleased with the fact that radiozavodtsev are like-minded. Among them is the regional governor Nikolai Vinogradov. The administration ordered Muroma Radiozavod making a few speakers — replicas of those that listened to Soviet citizens during the war. These speakers will be installed at the Victory Square.

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