Started sea trials of the second vessel of the ice 22120

In St. Petersburg, began sea trials of the second ship built of ice "Shipbuilding Company" Diamond "project 22120 code" Snowstorm "(head number 051), tail number 051. Told Central Navy Portal said a source in the enterprise.


Bookmark the ship at number 051 on November 25, 2011. December 5, 2012 the ship was launched.

Border patrol boat high ice class (PS) № 051 22120 project — the second patrol vessel of this type are being constructed by shipbuilders "Diamond" commissioned by the Office of the Coast Guard Border Service of the Federal Security Service. Bookmark "051" was held at the boathouse shipbuilding company "Almaz" November 25, 2011.

The hull is ice-strengthened, allowing to overcome the ice thickness over half a meter.

The performance characteristics of MS Project 22120:

Total displacement — 1066 tons
Dimensions: length — 71 m, width — 10.4 m, draft — 3.5 m
Full speed of 24 knots
Range — 6,000 miles (at 14 knots)
Endurance — 20 days
Propulsion: 2 diesel ABC 16M VZDC-1000-180 to 5440 hp, 3 DW "MAN" at 290 kW, 1 emergency DG capacity of 85 kW. Armament no chance of receiving a helicopter Ka-226
Crew — 25 people

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