Started the construction of a bridge across the river Nadim (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District)

September 28, Presidential Envoy to the Urals Federal District, the Governor of Yamal, the head of the regions included in the Urals Federal District, the delegations of the companies involved in the implementation of rail project "Northern latitudinal", the leaders of the "Ural Industrial — Ural Polar" have become parties to the momentous events — the start of construction of a bridge across the river Nadim.

Eugene Kuyvashev laid in the first pillar of the bridge "time capsule." "… We are laying a capsule with its appeal to the base of the new bridge. Its construction has just begun. But after a few years in this place will be a wonderful bridge that will last for centuries, making people's lives easier in the Far North, and helping to develop the natural riches of the Arctic …

Please accept this letter as a symbol of a new stage in the life of the peoples of the North. We are happy that the construction of this facility, we transfer part of their energy to new generations, in the hope that the result of our work will serve you, our descendants a good memory. We hope you picked up the baton and our confidence will go forward, because you are given the opportunity to not only appreciate our work, but also to continue and multiply glorious deeds for the good of his native land and throughout the country ", — stated in the text.

Eugene Kuyvashev envoy stressed in his speech that the construction of this facility will provide an important social effect — for the construction of the bridge will be attracted 1,200 people will be employed capacity of the enterprises of the Federal District. He noted that this is the first practical step in the implementation of the project Northern latitudinal. The Governor of the Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin stressed that all residents of the Arctic region know the tragic story of the construction of 501-503 'dead' railroad. "This building — the best thing we can do now to preserve the memory of the innocent victims. Where there is a transport infrastructure, there is life "- said Dmitry Kobylkin. He confirmed that the object is not the first and certainly not the last in the county, "… in the next 30 years on the Yamal Peninsula will be a real breakthrough infrastructure. And that will be the foundation of economic development not only for the region but for the whole of Russia, after the start of construction of this bridge is a factual basis for the initial development of the Arctic shelf. " The governor of Yamal, warmly thanked the participants of the festival for the fact that shared the joy of people of Yamal, as a bridge across Nadim was the first link in a real implementation of major infrastructural changes that start in the region.

Note that the overall funding of the bridge will be 14 billion: of which 900 million will be spent by the end of 2011, and core funding will begin in 2012. Control of the construction will provide the German company "Deutsche Bahn".

The length of the combined (road and rail) bridge will be 1.3 kilometers, the length of the span — 110 m The construction of the bridge is expected to be one of the most ambitious construction projects not only on the Yamal Peninsula, but throughout the Urals Federal District. Northern latitudinal, which will include a bridge across the river Nadim, will join the Northern railway JSC "Russian Railways" in the vicinity of the station Ob with the Sverdlovsk Railways JSC "Russian Railways" in the vicinity of the station Korotchaevo. The total length of railways Northern latitudinal exceed 700 km.

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