Started the construction of a modern dialysis center in Tver

In Tver, launched the construction of the regional dialysis center. This will be the first in Russia specialized institution for the care of patients with renal insufficiency.

The first stage of creating a dialysis center has already been passed — defined place in the regional hospital, assembled construction documents.

The total investment in the construction and organization of the center with the regular update of its infrastructure will be about 200 million rubles. The center will create 60 jobs. It will hold up to 37,000 dialysis procedures god.Eto is a high-tech medical facility that is able to serve free 42 patients per shift. The opening of the dialysis center is expected in the summer of 2013.

The governor of the Tver region Andrei Shevelov, speaking at the opening of the site, said work is being done on schedule, it affects the lives of many patients requiring hemodialysis. Today, in more than two hundred people who need regular treatment. Dialysis department at the regional hospital under heavy congestion.

Elena Zhidkova, Minister of Health of the Tver region, said: "Not fully, not all people who need to be getting this procedure at an earlier stage, we can provide it. And the creation of this center hemodialysis, hemodialysis additional seats will be fully, fully ensure our patients health reasons ".


In July 2012, the area on the right bank of the SEZ "Dubna", next to the research and production complex "Beta", the laying of the capsule on the construction of the new NPC "Gamma". This project is implemented by the Russian group of companies "Concor" together with the concern «Fresenius Medical Care» (Germany).

In addition to the production of a wide range of products for procedures for renal replacement therapy (dialysis), the initiators of the project plan to implement a program to create a network of Russian regions 150 specialized modern hemodialysis centers. 

In laying the foundation stone was attended by the governor of the Tver region Andrei Shevelov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Science and High Technology of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kononov, Senior Vice-President of the concern «Fresenius Medical Care» Dominik Wiener, General Director of "InstroyRegion", included in the group "Concor" Alexander Korolev.

"Today is a special, memorable day! — Posted in his LiveJournal winner of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology Vladimir Kononov, before his election to the State Duma deputy who initiated construction in Dubna has three high-tech research and production complexes — "Alpha", "Beta" and "Gamma". — In Tver was solemnly laid the first stone in the foundation of a dialysis center. This "first stone" today lay the foundation not only of a modern high-tech medical facility. This is the "first stone" in building a network of dialysis centers, which will appear in the foreseeable future in the various regions of the country. "

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