Started the construction of the railway line Kyzyl-Kuragino

Launched the construction of a more than 400-kilometer highway Kyzyl-Kuragino.


Construction of highways Kyzyl-Kuragino will create about 15 thousand jobs, and increase tax revenues to the federal budget of the EPC to 13 billion rubles.

In the construction process will have to build about 170 bridges and tunnels, so the project is very expensive. Total investment in the project will amount to 136 billion rubles., Most of them (85.7 billion rubles). Invest EPC. 49 of them will provide the state.


It is assumed that the railway length 411.7 km, which will link Tuva from the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Russian rail network, will increase the capacity of the transport network in Russia, will solve the problem of development of deposits of Tuva, the problem of the northern delivery.

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