Started, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

I guess that is how Putin said the launch of the "war," North Korea and South Korea. And this match is not lit, but very close to it and is just one of those … things first.


Let me remind you of an armed Venezuela Hugo Chavez died. The country's population believes the U.S. involved in the death of his el-president.

In Syria, for the third year wielded by gang of terrorists who are sponsoring mongrel dollars in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Side by side is Iraq, which survived the U.S. intervention in 2004, he sent away for a long time and his overlord and bought weapons in Russia.

I think we talk about Iran, ready to wage war on all fronts against Israel and the United States simply do not need. Tomorrow, in the case of growing conflict in Asia, Iran is ready to send troops to Iraq and Syria to support the current government there.

The Saudis have prepared in advance a plan of war with Iran, which is designed so that it does not help the Americans will be — probably will be busy somewhere else. For example, in the South Atlantic and Asia. On this regard, we learned from the British military organization leakage BritAm.

All the same, the Middle East Pharaoh Mursi, who want to topple the regime of this kind is the Saudis, chop off the hands of his subordinates for stolen apple from the table sheik.

Just south of the gang Tuareg and Islamist just lovely, exciting the whole city.

Torn by internal political confrontations Turkey, which once again can not decide with whom it is — with the East or the West. True History shows that Turkey has always made the wrong choice.

Pakistan, which has its largest fleet at a military base in China. It is true China does not yet have a sufficiently powerful fleet to scare someone in the Indian Ocean, it would protect its borders.

By the way, in the same China, came to power Xi Jinping, confident strong politician who openly announced a change of course in China and re-orientation towards Russia. I recall a small detail. Deng Xiaoping made his first visit to the United States. A C — in Russia.

At this time, somewhere in the Mediterranean, the European powers at the point of withdrawal of Russian Washington spend public money to banks in Cyprus.

And what about Russia … And Russia conducts large-scale exercises in the Black Sea, where the official part of about 7 thousand soldiers but really talking about much larger numbers. The exercise involved VDV GRU, military transport aircraft, large amphibious ships … well, in general, you've got it.

Well, even so Circuits. Find the location of the U.S. and the AUG assault helicopter for the next week is not possible. Usually this is not very difficult.

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