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"Woe to those who call evil good,
and the good — evil, who put darkness for light,
and light — darkness, bitter
sweet, and sweet — bitter. "
(Is.5 20)

"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,
but rather reprove them. "(Eph. 5.11)
"The voice of them that flee and escape out of the land
Babel … Summon archers against Babylon …
Repay her according to his works, as he has done,
do to her, for she has been proud against the LORD,
against the Holy One of Israel. "(Jeremiah 50.28)


"The trouble is that this knowledge is part of our lives as if under the guise of humanity have the capacity to great advantage." Optina Elder Nektarios (beginning of XX century).

"Never before has there been so many false teachers, as in our

ill-fated XX century, wealthy, materialistic

temptations and poor mind and soul. The most ridiculous,

crazy views, previously unconditionally and universally

reject cultured people are now finding

"Theoretical justification" and the indispensable "teacher."

Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose)

(End of XX century)

There are many exercises [1], which states that a person can be put into some kind of an unusual state of consciousness and practice of entering into it. Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) writes about America 70s (to us it came later): "The occult explosion" of recent years was caused by a spectacular increase in the "paranormal" experiences of all kinds … At one end of the spectrum of these experiments are "post-mortem tests," in which the contact with the other world requires little effort of or in general does not need to, at the other end of the spectrum are the modern witchcraft and Satanism, which already holds a conscious attempt to communicate and even "serving" forces "the other world", and somewhere between these two extremes are a myriad of options for the modern psychic experiences of "curving spoons" psychic Uri Geller and "out of body" Travel to contact with UFOs and abductions by them. It is important to note that a large number of these "paranormal" experiences were "Christians", and one of these types of experiments ("charismatic") is widely accepted as a supposedly authentic Christian phenomenon. In fact, the participation of Christians in all these experiments is a striking indication of how far these days lost Christian awareness of occult practices. "(" Life after death ", p.142-143)

Recently, the scientific means and convincingly shown that special paranormal state of consciousness (during meditation, hypnosis, trance, "yogic flying", etc.) — not fiction. It really comes in certain cases, and it can detect objective scientific methods.

The issue was in the other. What is that state of consciousness? What happens at this point with the work of the brain and psyche? It is useful to paranormal state for a person? What are its consequences?

Pursuing a long time the study of the brain in health and disease under the influence of various factors (Krapivin et al., 1988-2004, etc.) we could not pay our attention to paranormal state. Advocates of paranormal activity claim that the state simply invaluable that it supposedly has a remarkably beneficial effect on the mental health of the person and the whole body. Is this true?

We will not describe in detail how to enter a state of consciousness in the paranormal, we show schematically the basic tools used in various "techniques", "school" and "exercise".

· Exercise (leads to fatigue the body and weaken the bodily action in a pair of physical / mental)
· The lean, mostly vegetarian diet (exacerbates feelings and weaken the body start)

· Chronic lack of sleep (also sharpens the senses and the body is tired. But it may contribute to the reduction of human attention and self-control)

· The use of intoxicating substances and herbs (optional powerful effects on the mind)

· The magical and religious activities


Actually getting into a special state (at the time it usually combines two different processes: relaxation of the body and focus (on the pronunciation of words in the bright, shiny objects, etc.))

We note in particular that the magical and religious activities play the most important role in the occurrence of the condition in the paranormal! PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL means they can not be called, but they provide a fantastic success in the paranormal experiences that draws the attention and dramatically guards:

— sacrifices "gods";

— special or mysterious utterance of words (mantras, spells, and so on.)

— direct invocation of supernatural forces.

All of this — nothing like the service and worship of demons (invisible demons, satanic forces), invoking and praising them, and that is the denial of God. This is perhaps the scariest part in such activities — the renunciation of God and saluting himself the power of demons. We explain for example, if in Zen Buddhism to achieve a particular state of mind you need the daily hours of exercise over the years, in some schools of meditation, where you have to call and bring "gifts" (or rather the victims) the pagan "god Puja", you promise complete mastery of a particular state of mind in just … 5 days (Maharishi's transcendental meditation)! Unfortunately, due to lack of people nowadays proper spiritual upbringing and education that would allow them to have the necessary understanding of the true spiritual world would explain where on the spiritual path, you can get lost and damaged — modern man is totally careless in far rather offensive and extremely dangerous spiritual situations.

With the help of funds considered a person can be put into some kind of a special state of consciousness. Let's evaluate it from a scientific point of view. Undoubtedly of interest here in the first place are electroencephalographic findings of the brain during paranormal activity. Referring to them.

As you know, there are three main condition of the body (and three modes of operation corresponding to the brain): awake (B), slow-wave sleep (MS) and paradoxical sleep (PS). They are accompanied by a fundamentally different types of bioelectrical activity.

I. Wakefulness.

During this state, a person is awake, and in the cortex of his brain recorded electroencephalogram (EEG) of the type:

This is a low-amplitude dizritmichnaya activity.

2. Slow-wave sleep.

It's a different state of the body, it is observed from the moment of falling asleep and lasts most of sleep. At the time he recorded a different EEG:

High-amplitude irregular slow-wave oscillations [2].

3. Paradoxical (bystrovolnovy) sleep.

This state is a very deep sleep. It occurs only a few times for 7-8 hours a night of sleep in humans and lasts a very short time (minutes):

Nizkoaplitudnye giperritmichnye fluctuations. In terms of frequency, they are higher than the fluctuations of the EEG during slow-wave sleep. These giperritmichnye low-amplitude EEG waves 1 0 REM sleep are like a wake than a dream, but a person at this time completely relaxed muscles of the body, indicating that sleep is very sturdy, in addition, a healthy person during waking EEG is never so homogeneous and giperritmichnoy.

Within 70-80 years of human life, these three modes of operation of the brain alternate without ceasing: the accumulation of fatigue wake replaced slow-wave sleep and REM sleep is short, as it were additional "hyper-", which allows the body to relax as completely remove stress and fatigue, Again it was possible to stay awake. Man gets enough sleep and rest fully only in the event that during the night he appeared, and the periods of such gipersna.

These three different modes of operation of the brain continuously succeed each other, and during the operation of the brain in one of the modes is the restoration of the resources that provide the previous mode. At damage of any of the three modes of human occur over time heavy human brain and psyche.

Changes of bioelectric activity of the brain during paranormal STATE
We now analyze the EEG, which is recorded at the time of the paranormal states of consciousness, coming during meditation, trance, hypnosis, yogic flying, etc. [3].

Data on changes of electrical parameters of the brain during a paranormal state can be found now in articles and pamphlets produced by the "healers", yogis and meditators others. On the EEG changes and other indicators of the body they are often referred to, considering it a good scientific argument in favor of the state of the paranormal, confirming the validity of their work. The first time, a cursory look at a lot of charts, tables, and figures that impression, perhaps, is taking shape. However, a thoughtful study of these scientific data have to do quite different and even opposite, as we shall see, conclusions.

This state of consciousness is accompanied by a certain, distinct and pronounced changes in brain activity:

We can say that it is:

a) high-amplitude;

b) regular and even giperritmichnaya activity;

c) while the person is awake.

On the rhythm of these oscillations can say the following. By frequency in different cases, it happens from delta to alpha range in humans.

Most often talk about the slow delta waves. In those cases where the rhythm is close in frequency to the alpha rhythm, it is fundamentally quite different from the latter: not disappear when opening the eyes, is not inhibited by light and other stimuli (such rhythm was observed with hypnosis, as well as during sleepwalking when sleepwalking ) [4].

This in itself is a human condition — and did not wake, and slow-wave sleep and REM sleep, which have been considered previously, but something quite different.

We note that the articles on the study of bioelectric activity of the brain during states of paranormal common is a paradoxical phrase of this type, "there is a relaxation of man and at the same time (!) Raising the level of consciousness." Researchers truthfully describe what is actually seen on an electroencephalogram, ihotyat say that the relaxation time — so good, again raising the level of consciousness — then too bad. But in that case, when this happens simultaneously! From a physiological point of view, this malosovmestimymi, one the opposite of the other. However, as has repeatedly shown that in the state actually paranormal recorded simultaneously the two opposite physiologically process — all that is necessary to find a logical scientific explanation. It is, apparently, is that at the time of the paranormal state somehow comes unnatural combination of different modes of operation within the meaning of the brain (and not even two, but three at the same time, as will be discussed further!).

So far, this is not accidental characteristic common feature of various "techniques" entry in the paranormal state: the simultaneous combination of the overall body relaxation with a significant increase in the level of attention. In Indian yoga taught in a special way to control the breath, to take certain postures of the body to relieve tension, to bring him to relax, and at the same time to focus all their attention on the spoken "sacred" aphorism mantra. With hypnosis combine relaxation of the body with a focus on some brilliant subject and the hypnotist's voice. With meditation practice, too, the general relaxation of a man with a strong concentration of attention, a little more to be said about meditation Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg.

And now able to register the bioelectric activity of the brain during various types of paranormal state.

Electroencephalographer experienced such an electroencephalogram is simply amazing! Specialist evident that this is really a very unusual state of the brain, no wonder it has been designated a special term "paranormal"! So strong and peculiar changes of the electroencephalogram are except for epilepsy, or receiving significant amounts of alcohol, or when falling through a long sleep sleeping man. However, the medium being in the paranormal state, although it looks unusual — obviously not sleeping, and not drunk, and not in an epileptic fit.

It should be mentioned but that and another important change in the brain during the state of the paranormal, as established electroencephalographically: there is a strengthening of inter-hemispheric asymmetry of the brain, the level of activity of one hemisphere begins to significantly prevail over the level of activity of the other hemisphere of the brain [5].

What is this state of consciousness to the medical and physiological point of view? And what mode at the time the brain works, if this condition is not, and neither slow nor wakefulness and sleep and no REM sleep? Apparently, _eto a condition of the brain, where both processes are utilized to ensure the functioning of all these three different modes of operation of the brain! And awake mode (during paranormal electroencephalogram muscles in humans is not fully relaxed, he does not sleep), and the mode of slow-wave sleep (slow-wave high-amplitude oscillations recorded) and paradoxical sleep mode (the observed EEG activity is very regular, even giperritmichnoy).

YG Mizuno and Y. Mizuno (1992) with respect to the internal state of psychic concluded that there comes a "switch to any other system of psychic self-regulation." For many other types of paranormal state researchers emphasize that this is some very special form of human consciousness. [6] This is an important observation agrees very well with the just discussed changes in the electroencephalogram upon the occurrence of paranormal state, testifying at the physiological level of the brain to move into a new and rather unusual mode of operation.

But that's our conclusion that the brain during paranormal state belongs to a very special mode of operation represents a simultaneous combination of three basic modes of operation of the brain, usually of successive, is very unexpected from a physiological point of view. We probably would not have dared to publish it, so it's unusual and strange. It is hard to imagine that this would be possible! However, getting acquainted with the views of recognized authorities in physiology, we saw that they, too, came to a similar conclusion. We refer, in particular, on the famous IP Pavlov and his foremost disciple PK Anokhin, who repeatedly pointed out that the hypnotic and close to it and connected with sleep and waking at the same time. It has been suggested that during these states of consciousness some parts of the brain work in awake mode, and others — in sleep mode (Quoted from: Anokhin, 1961; Danilova, Krylova, 1989)!

This reinforced our opinion on the correctness of this conclusion with respect to the physiological state of the paranormal sense: it's not a fourth mode of operation of the brain, and the unnatural combination of three basic modes of operation of the brain: wakefulness, slow wave sleep and REM sleep.


Do I have a similar condition to humans, it is useful if it is? Hardly! During a paranormal state of successive three modes of operation of the brain are utilized together, starting to operate simultaneously. Where does after such a condition in the brain will take stock of its future work, as will recover all resources consumed at the same time?
It is well known that the mediums after paranormal state have a long time to rest. We refer, for example, the practice of psychokinesis (effects on the subjects): "The state of psychological pressure" demands from a psychic is so huge costs of mental and physical strength that the subsequent restoration of the normal state of the medium is not days, and the "weeks and months, in some cases, even years! " (Y. Mizuno, Mizuno, Y., 1993)
A long stay in the paranormal state, if the body does not automatically shut down and people will come out of it — obviously not safe, can be fatal to humans [7].
This is a super extreme condition!
This writes and Fr Seraphim (Rose): "Even the most experienced in the outputs" of the body, "people can not stay long in this area, without exposing themselves to danger forever be separated from his body (die)." ("Life after death", P.105).
Many important details about the condition of the body and the human brain during paranormal activity, psychics, "healers", meditating, yoga and other mediums themselves, in general, over dialed, providing in recent years conducting massive research its activities and publishing the data in their advertising brochures and in reputable scientific journals. This information has yet to be thoroughly analyze and draw right conclusions from them.
We, as a paranormal state drew the attention of his abnormally and non-physiological, and briefly mention some of the other changes that occur during or after:
— large decrease in plasma lactate;

— increased blood supply to the brain (which is useful not always);
— gain information transmission between the cerebral hemispheres and brain at all levels (that is useful only to a certain extent);

— significant strengthening of inter-hemispheric differences;

— a significant increase in EEG coherence, reflecting increased synchronization of bioelectric oscillations in different areas of the brain.

The latter is often the case with crude brain pathology of, for example, during seizures. By the way, electroencephalogram observed during paranormal state, its giperritmichnostyu and synchronicity at high amplitude bioelectric oscillations, as we have said, a bit like epilepsy! In some cases, such as poltergeists, and wrote that "EEG poltergeystnyh teenagers intermediary has epileptoid character" (Hieromonk Anatoly (bark), 1996).

It is interesting to recall here that well-known fact that shamans are selected people with hereditary epilepsy (history of religions. — T.I.-P.55), which, going into a trance, "walk" on other worlds and different conjure spirits (ancestors dead, forces of nature).

But the study of hypnosis, it was found that epileptics ability to hypnosis lower than neepileptikov (Barry et al., 2000), found that more susceptible to hypnosis people with pseudo-epileptic seizures (Kuyk et al., 1995). Also noticed that epileptics during hypnosis begins to develop paroxysmal EEG activity (Bryant, Somerville, 1995), hypnosis was even recommended … to detect the location of epileptogenic focus!

(Selitsky, Charles, Sviderskaya, 1991).

It is a pity that some researchers have registered significant changes in objective work of the human brain during a paranormal state — did not pay attention to the danger of paranormal states in the first place for themselves mediums.

From a physiological and medical point of view, the negative side of the paranormal state is evident. It is also clear that the repeated and prolonged practice of entering into such a state should be without grave damage to health, consciousness, psyche and life itself first of all mediums (psychics "healers", "transcendental" meditators, hypnotists, magicians, sorcerers, shamans, people involved in occult practices, etc.).

Not to mention the worst, that the souls of these people, if they do not repent of his far-delusion rather offensive to God, to die for eternal life.

Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) observes, however, in his book "Life after death" that "hardly anyone of these teachers pay close attention to the Orthodox teaching on life and death, or on biblical or patristic sources on which it is based." In addition, he also writes about contemporary American scientists 70s, they are much more likely to experience occult writers, who appears to them at least to some degree suitable for scientific research than to the teachings of Christianity, which is more difficult because it requires people participation of faith and trust, as well as to spiritual people led an ascetic life in accordance with this doctrine (P.86).

Hopefully, seeing many positive spiritual changes in our country, there are now Orthodox scholars of our time, with ardent faith in Christ, leading unfeigned Christian ascetic life in the bosom of the Orthodox Church, will be able to fully understand and correctly assess the different "spiritual" exercises and activities and with patristic and from a scientific point of view.

Paranormal state of non-physiological and unnatural. Observed during his state of the brain in its physiological effect abnormally. Creator created man and arranged so that a healthy person are three main states of the organism (wakefulness, REM sleep and REM giperson) alternate and consistently follow each other, so that when used up the resources of the brain in the same mode, began to include the following mode of operation, using other resources. Such a succession of different modes of operation provides non-stop and the smooth functioning of the brain and the body for the rest of a person's life. Not so arranged that the brain was working simultaneously in all three modes.

On the other hand it is known that enter in the paranormal state just anyone — nevozmozhno.V Therefore it would be appropriate to ask the question here is how. And could not the paranormal "abilities" determined by some specific physiological characteristics of people engaged in this practice? Do they have some differences, such as in the electroencephalogram, which could contribute to their "hit" in a state of unusual paranormal?

Turns out there. Noted, for example, that the nature of the electroencephalogram suggests that they were transferred once a head injury, because their EEG can be seen "gipersinhronizatsiyu cortical rhythms of different frequency bands with epileptoid signs of different shapes and degrees of severity" (Lebedev Dobronravova, 1990). The authors write that the survey confirmed that the injury of this kind they were, as a rule many years ago. This clarifies what the anomalous feature of the physiological functioning of the brain may facilitate the entry of people into the unnatural mode of functioning of the brain during paranormal activity (see also: Persinger, 1994).

From this, again, it follows that the entry over and over again in a state of consciousness in the abnormal mode of brain function, can not be reflected very badly on themselves mediums, will clearly contribute to the weakening of their psyche and health.

On the other hand, would have to be extremely careful and so-called hypnotizability, highly sensitive, to persons, exhibiting rapid strides in terms of entering into any paranormal state, because they also could be a concussion or other head injury. Recently, a whole series of papers on the differences between the electroencephalogram in people with increased susceptibility to hypnosis. [8] This will lead to a loosening of the normal mechanisms of the brain, to the depletion of brain resources and to violations of the psyche.

In closing this chapter which have been analyzed from a scientific point of view, the changes of the brain in paranormal activity, I must say the following.

Paranormal state of mind in which a person can be entered with the appropriate tools and techniques, accompanied by a set of objectively recorded changes in various parameters of the organism, the ultimate meaning of which is yet to be assessed.

At the electrophysiological level, was able to see that during a paranormal state of the brain begins to work physiologically abnormal and unnatural mode: simultaneously invoked and begin to function together processes which provide three different modes of operation of the brain (wakefulness, slow sleep and paradoxical giperson), normally always of successive.

It is impossible not to note how remarkably apt name given to this particular state of mind of our scientific predecessors, the paranormal, that is "transcendent," "zanormalnoe"! By the way in the last decade, when it is widely deployed various scientific research of paranormal activity initiated mediums, the term "paranormal" avoided.

All this makes us extremely carefully and take responsibility for the study of the paranormal state on the biomedical level, more carefully evaluate what is really going on with the activities of the different systems and organs in this state, weighing the possible consequences of paranormal practices for humans.

But besides all this, paranormal activity prepares a person to the effect on him of the fallen spirits (demons, devils), and further communication with them, which will be discussed in the next chapter.

To be continued


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[2] At this stage of sleep in humans, except for the slow delta and theta rhythm recorded yet, "sleep spindles" and "K-complexes", which we will not be here to conduct a conversation on the following reasons. The so-called "sleep spindles" (a series of oscillations with a frequency of 11-16 c / s), is now known to be relevant to the Clone limbs twitch in his sleep while they go burst discharges in the fibers of the pyramidal tract, and there is a negative shift in the constant potential in the spinal the brain at the level of the alpha motor neurons. A "K-complex" usually accompanies a sleepy spindle, is a series of slow potentials of large amplitude, followed by a change in heart rate and vascular reaction fingers. (Danilova, Krylova, 1989).

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Hieromonk Anatoly (bark), Sergey Krapivin


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