Steve Irwin. Crocodile hunter watch online

Steve Irwin.  Crocodile hunter watch online
Steven Robert Irwin (02.22.62 — 04.09.06) — which is popular Australian naturalist, journalist and creator of numerous films about wildlife, such as «The Crocodile Hunter »(« Crocodile Hunter »),« Crok Files »,« The Crocodile Hunter Diaries »(« Diaries crocodile hunter "). The owner of Zoo Australia Zoo in BIDV, Queensland.
In the first example program "Crocodile Hunter" aired in 1992.
Steve was able to reincarnate own style fearless and full of interest amateur poizuchat fauna in close contact to the brand, and his series was a great success all over the world on channel Discovery. Steve Irwin starting with the fact that a young crocodile caught in the districts of Queensland for the park reptiles of his parents. He was awarded for his contribution to the Australian tourism industry. Prize were awarded to promote Irwin greenish mainland in documentaries about nature and the creation of feral zoo "Australia".
Steve Irwin died 4 September 2006 on the set of the next transfer, receiving a fatal blow stingrays in the area of the heart. On the occasion of his death had organized a national funeral, and his death day in Australia is considered to be a universal days of mourning.

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