Stone Grave: unseen plants and old women

Mountainous country in the middle of the vast steppe. Fragrant clear air rings and scores spirit.

It is a miracle created by nature, and caring people around here have preserved an extraordinary beauty. Reserve "Stone Tombs" is celebrating its 85th anniversary.

"Go here expedition, first discovered this unique place, then invited eminent biologists have made findings" — the director of the reserve "Stone Grave" Viktor Sirenko.

Reserve history began with 2 plants, which biologists have found in this tract. Yarrow naked and cornflower can be seen only in summer and only here.

"They have found in the reserve during his visits to two plants that nowhere in the world is no longer there. Then there was a question for the conservation of these plants to the world "- says Viktor Sirenko.

The reserve area of almost 400 hectares. One third of the Donetsk region, the rest in the Zaporozhye region. Unique landscape makes the area look like a miniature mountain country with two strands of stone tops — western and eastern ridges.

Unique granite in chemical composition and physical structure are unique in the world. These lumps — solidified magma of a volcano, which never came to the surface. The age of the rock formations — 2 billion years.

"Native" color granites — pink, but its surface is covered by 95% over 80 species of mosses and lichens. Height of individual blocks of up to 100 meters. Reserve workers, inspectors, security guards and rangers, top see well and hunters uninvited, and fire.

"As there is a drought, the wind — it's dangerous. Here is high, seen far "- says senior inspector reserve" Stone Tombs "Igor Babin.

The flora of the steppe — a colorful and diverse. Red plants alone there are more than 50 species. Even in the early spring delight the eye primroses. Adonis spring like a small sun. No less diverse and fauna live here cranes, storks, hares, wild boars, foxes, goats, bustards migrate here. This picturesque region — not only a nature reserve and a source of inspiration for artists — poets, photographers and artists. The couple Vladimir and Valentina Telichko more than 20 years in love with a free desert. "Stone Grave" artists have devoted a lot of his paintings.

"Admire so much so that it seems it is a cosmic world with these spines, unbelievable, it seems you like on Venus are. So for us it's very interesting, "- says the artist Valentina Telichko.

Paradise vigilantly guard the ancient Polovtsian women, and living, caring people to nature. And anyone who ever saw this beauty is sure to leave a piece of their heart. / / Oksana Tkachev, "FACT», ICTV

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