Stop the land!! — Ill go …

We cry, we groan in the dark, calling out to their fathers. But only the echo of silence can dream it … Ancestors, stop! Even the gods tremble when he saw your deeds. Ground underfoot groans as it hurts to hurt her with his steps after your steps. All the deities of the vastness cry and mourn the fate that befell his children … Stop! The sky is crying fire in our blood, taking the air, cries rend the earth beneath our feet, in revenge for their children. Crying and dying water every living thing that touches her. We cry — Your descendants, the children … Devil …

The world was plunged into darkness. Cold and hunger, the heat and the winds were from the ground. And in a year when the newly single star shone over Bethlehem nobody saw her. And the star of hope was extinguished in the year when all the bodies of the universe arose unlikely. And the demons came to the surface, that would be right, but the left back looked around, horrified. And pass flooded for ages … And the angels came down to the battle with the demons, but did not find one … and looked around with a mournful cry back to their father.


— What are you reading? — Asked the silhouette in the doorway, and slammed the door of the room silhouette approached, becoming a neighbor

— Fuck off. I passed the session, and I can relax. — Sofa creaked beneath me.

— And ball-not? Cool. And what kind of slime read? This is bullshit, let me show you one page. Girls rule. Downloaded.

— Back off, pliz, FIG. I think.


I do not know how many centuries have passed, many years. World once Split, split second. Was gone and the great Atlantis, and less than the great powers. So life has punished his children for disobedience. I can show you what we've done, what you would have avoided it, but will still be late. Era indigo and will not start. Dawn and Sunset forever shielding the world with his purple blanket.

I raced past the dragonfly. I had to pinch hands over his ears and cover sheet. Although I wish predator for her every day less food. As life around.

Likely to preface my long lost its tire you out and any desire to read further. I'm sorry. It is difficult not to be distracted by different things, such as dragonflies, the size of a trolley or that one, lime leaves, under which I put down to even lying stretched out as soon as possible. But I will try. Thus, a small excursion into history. All that has brought you to me and me to you began many hundreds of thousands of years ago. When, in the unknown, a small galaxy they came. Came and went. But after a few years back. I do not know what they prevented regular life of flora and fauna on a planet, but he settled there, in the neighborhood, they were interfering in everything. They put the DNA in water and added to this electric sparks. They planted all their plants, which eventually came to dominate, brought their fauna. Although these do not like, but have begun to interbreed with the local wildlife. Once again, they were gone. And returned, leaving the soil is something that is now called Man. And it was their fatal mistake. Now the planet has become something like the reserve, where the animals give the appearance of freedom, gradually interfering in their lives. But sometimes the animals revolt. A man put a label, neck and hoists watch. occasionally interfering in the course of history. last century and millennium. Homo sapiens is now striding across the planet, and gave the names of the surrounding wonders. Reasonable man. Person reasonably scathing. Man as an adverse reaction? Or not exactly Controlled by mutation? Even now, no one knows who we are. First we invented the wheel. In the image of his wheels. Without even realizing that invented it is not us, not at this time and not there. Then there was gunpowder, nuclear warheads, viruses, and other inventions for the benefit of mankind. True nobody came up with drugs these benefits. We were taken from our planet has become everything that we needed and more. And she quietly died under our steps civilization. Perished as a fly Drosophila, which broke off the wings, legs and then povykalyvali eyes. Can not resist, but trying. And then quiet. And dies. in agony. But no one has tested what would happen to fly, if you give it to both hydrogen — nuclear — viral — biological weapons, add the atomic bombing and to prevent shake. Here they are — we are. We stand on the brink between life, existence and survival. Stand even thinking about the consequences of the path we have traversed. So blind is the abyss and did not know that under the feet of dozens of miles of emptiness. A gust of perpetual motion pulls another step. I often reflect on this. For pleasure. But more to the fear of the fact to which I can think of. Some think my thoughts — philosophical, others — a waste of time. and the rest — bullshit. But for me, my every thought — is a revelation. It is possible that those who gave us the ability to think, to make a mistake. Although they have added a couple of mechanisms constraining display this error: sloth, pride, ambition, inability to hear are the words, flies "in one ear and departing from another."

If adults have a curious mind and a pure, clear consciousness as children. Ingenuous creation, unable to keep the anger on someone. It is quite possible that, like the blind man over the precipice at the top will be a creature, and watch his eyes blinded with tears at the ruins of mankind. On the legacy they inherited from their ancestors. From us. A world that will not be possible to plunge into chaos more. than we have committed — their ancestors.

People have learned to survive, to be fruitful to explore … Taking a cue from the creators, they took up scalpels and syringes. And began to dissect all life enters the field of view. So they know the structure of many living things, and found a bunch of ways to make them dead. And not one that would bring back life. So, most likely, watching people, whoever they were, was wondering when will this kind will destroy itself. They have ceased to interfere in the development of the plot, only began to look more closely and to take samples for analysis. Sometimes reminds me of humanity virus spreads at light speed and destroys everything in its path. Even now, when humanity is at the peak of its evolution, it is not able to listen to my mind and heart. And nothing, not even death of their kind, will not stop him on the way to destruction — chaos, emptiness, eternal nothingness. Growing confidence in me that, even after reading my message and perhaps passing it to friends, you'll forget about it faster than you press the button. And they forget. Maybe it's for the better. The course of history will not be disturbed, the evolution will go their own way and watched us get something to strive for. Good luck, my unwitting reader, casual messenger of my thinking. Good luck, and wisdom. **** — Hey what are you doing? —

Easy reading before bed.

— And what we read?

— Communication to humankind

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